Battery replacement iPhone 6s Plus

Price battery Replacement service iPhone 6s Plus

STT Model Name Replace the battery
1 Battery replacement iPhone 6 Type A {price}1919
Type B {price}3625
2 Battery replacement iPhone 6 Plus Type A {price}1921
Type B {price}3626
3 Battery replacement iPhone 6S Type A {price}1923
Type B {price}3627
4 Battery replacement iPhone 6S Plus Type A {price}1925
Type B {price}3628

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

Battery replacement iPhone 6S Plus price, how much, where credibility – genuine? If is the pin of the carrier other then the battery are origin-the stars?

Cause need to change the battery is because after a period of use, the iphone begins to bottle battery, the battery drops quickly, time of use shorter than 1 half in comparison with when bought new.

Audio Mobile guide battery replacement iPhone 6S Plus genuine with just 15 minutes



When should I replace battery iPhone 6S Plus

your iPhone use is about 2 – 3 years and has signs of bottle battery? Then you need to change the battery 6S Plus to ensure the performance of the machine. The following are the signs easy to see:

Need to change battery 6S Plus scratches
  • iPhone 6S Plus fast drop battery. Time use battery is reduced by 1 half in comparison with when bought new.
  • Appeared, battery alert, virtual, memory chips report wrong capacity battery fact even greater.
  • iPhone 6S Plus plug the charger but not on battery.
  • The battery is bulging fit, flowing water leads to the phenomenon channel shell iPhone.
  • Battery explosion due to the user preserving the battery in the wrong way. Or sharp objects puncture the battery cell leads to the phenomenon of short-circuiting conductors.
  • Battery charger without power though was provided full power. The reason the battery is the bottle, or the charging cable is broken.

Battery iPhone 6S Plus poor quality can lead to fire and explosion

Signs need to change battery 6S Plus immediately

  • Battery charger not in: So the mains input is disconnected or the cup charger and the charging cable is not broken chip connection. This case should replace the battery immediately.
  • Cell battery 6S Plus leak flow solution should replace the battery immediately.
  • Memory Chip of the battery reported capacity wrong. Chip read the capacity of battery is not exactly that causes the phenomenon battery alert virtual.
Replace the battery 6S Plus how much money is publicly listed

Why need to change – Buy battery iPhone 6S Plus genuine?

  • iPhone 6s plus uses battery type li – ion battery. Advantages of of this type of battery is durable, long lifespan. However, when using a battery bank fake, floating of unknown origin on the market will affect the performance of the machine.
  • Battery iPhone 6S Plus slipped quickly, reducing the lifespan of the screen, main,… and other parts. Need to test the battery and iPhone battery replacement genuine to ensure longevity machine.
  • Battery and charger batch not guaranteed to be voltage output for equipment (continuously variable Sinusoidal) damage to other parts of the machine: Screen, mainboard,… causing leakage power. Due to no facial protection should cause turbulence, induction, cause the phenomenon of shock for consumers – Need to change battery genuine now.
  • iPhone 6S Plus is smartphone line using technology pin socket. This is 1 certain things you must remember when going to replace the battery iPhone.
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Battery replacement iphone 6s Plus genuine

Choose the battery 6S Plus genuine based on what criteria?

  • Based on the year of manufacture: usually the batteries have a life expectancy of 400 cycles (1 time charge the battery full 100% is counted as 1 cycle. Equivalent to about 800 days of use). After this time, the battery will be the bottle gradually. There is no way he courted, it is imperative to replace the battery.

You can check the year of manufacture battery based on paper affixed to the outside of the battery. Choose the battery that time production the latest in order to ensure is long life, avoiding the phenomenon of losing money brought disease.

  • Based on the specifications on the battery the iPhone 6S Plus are matched with parameters of the machine, main charger or not. The specifications are printed on the paper layer and paste. There are 1 parameters screen you need to note the following:
  • Battery capacity (mAh): Is the indicator measuring the strength of the battery, normal capacity, the greater the duration of use as long.
  • Index line charging (voltage V): indicates the line power matching of the output of the device. This indicator is very important, took the degree of match or mismatch of battery 6S Plus.
  • Model: Each air stream has 1 different model (VD: BL48GH). This code indicates this machine can be used with batteries any.

Price battery replacement iPhone 6S Plus genuine now?

Why are so many customers who trust and use the battery replacement service iPhone at China Mobile? It is because of the price and quality of services of the center.

Replace the battery 6S Plus genuine how much?

We always apply the price change battery ip 6s plus cheapest for users. The cost is updated each week to match the money bags consumers. Replacement battery for the iPhone 6S Plus genuine how much is publicity for clients.

Customers should replace the battery iPhone Audio Mobile why?

  • Audio Mobile use battery iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus zin 100% genuine, there is information of dubious origin. Say no to the line battery batch, poor quality.
  • No swapping components, boiled of customers. The process of replacing battery iPhone open Mobile, public, transparent and clear.
  • Refund 100% if customers are not satisfied with the quality of service.
  • Preservation of the machine during the repair process iPhone of customers.
  • Time iPhone repair – battery Replacement iPhone 6S Plus ho chi minh CITY quickly, take the right in the day.
  • FREE check the status of machine tools not worth 50.000₫, no fix no stars.
  • FREE re-run the software and fix bugs.
  • Customer is following directly the repair process.
  • Warranty: Warranty from 3 to 6 months.

Service battery replacement 6S Plus genuine quickly in ho chi minh CITY

The process of receiving and replacing battery iPhone

  • Step 1: receive, check battery status in iPhone.
  • Step 2: the technician proceeded to check the whole machine status. Put the repair, the most optimal for the customer.
  • Step 3: Quote a battery replacement service iPhone to the customer. Conduct customer sign up components needed.
  • Step 4: Proceed to change iPhone battery according to the embodiment, the repair has worked out.
  • Step 5: Written warranty, charge service.


Battery replacement iPhone 6S Plus ho chi minh CITY is the service you’re looking for?

Frequently asked questions when replacing the battery

1. I want to replace the Battery Pisen iPhone 6S Plus. But are these batteries any good?

About the quality of the battery Pisen iPhone 6S Plus, you absolutely can rest assured. Because this type of battery is the Apple accreditation and good reviews on quality. Core polymer battery with high safety, charge time fast. Battery iPhone 6S Plus Pisen capacity similar to pin Zin peeling machine. The price is also not difference is how should Pisen batteries are much customers to choose the best for your needs replace the battery for iPhone.


Battery 6S Plus Pisen is a 12 month warranty


Battery replacement iPhone 6S Plus how much money is constantly updated

2. Charging the phone over night are causes of the bottle battery, reduce the life battery of the iPhone 6S Plus is not?

On the iPhone 6S Plus have circuit protection automatically disconnect the battery when it’s fully charged. So not to cause overload and excessive pressure phone. Phenomenon bottle battery when charging too long, just right for the ancient machines of yore.

Just charge the battery just use the new machine that causes bottle battery fast and makes you have to change the battery. A number of cases exploded battery so users have the habit of just used just charging. This is a bad habit that regular users have.

3. The software measured the bottle battery iPhone 6S Plus at present whether accurate or not?

This result is only for reference. Because the application of this measure based on the results of the chip, not based on the real capacity in the battery cell. The measurement result is only true when chip report works fine.

4. When rechargeable battery IP 6S Plus

About charging time, you should proceed with the charger before the phone down exactly the source. Phone battery is levels are continuous, shall be guaranteed to be functioning power source directly to the machine.

If you encounter problems or need iPhone repair, buy iPhone battery cheap, genuine look to the professionals like Thanh Trung Mobile to be supported.

Bar China Mobile – Address, change pin iPhone 6S Plus will certainly make you satisfied.

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