Battery replacement iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus

Price battery Replacement service iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus

STT Model Replace The Battery
1 iPhone 7 Type A {price}1927
Type B {price}3629
2 iPhone 7 Plus Type A {price}2667
Type B {price}3630

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

You need to replace the battery, iPhone 7, 7 Plus genuine, guarantee good quality when using. Let’s refer to this article to get some useful information, okay.

Battery iPhone 7 in particular and the type of Battery other iPhone in general are the components of utmost importance of the machine.

The battery is the part exposed almost directly to the power supply, the use of the batteries, poor quality, unknown origin led to the very unfortunate incident, light it device failure, heavy then broken main.

The repair when the battery burst, is bulging led to a damaged screen is very expensive. A number of cases the reception centre only because the battery is bulging leading to damaged screen.

Some of the information on the network also cited phenomenon of charging that battery explode and lead to damage machine.

You absolutely can replace the battery, iPhone 7 Plus at home with basic kits, spy video and subscribe Youtube channel Bar China Mobile to update the news, tips and guides, repair basic the earliest.

Video “guide to self replace the battery, iphone 7 Plus genuine

Also so that the Middle Bar especially appreciated the safety issues when offering a battery replacement service iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 on all systems of our store at the address Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang.


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Battery capacity 1960mAh of iPhone 7 the same steps remarkable improvement of Apple

Apple unveiled the technology world extract phone iPhone 7 with the disruptive change: Replace the physical Home button with Home button, touch power. Help users not to worry about the sensitivity of the Home button is in the process of using again.

About specifications, iPhone 7 operation on-chip processor A10 Fusion new version help speed the faster A9 chip on iPhone 6s to 40%. Structure 4 consisting of 2 times the performance and 2 to save energy.

Besides battery capacity, the iPhone 7 has been increased from 1750 mAh of the iPhone 6s up 1960 mAh. With battery the iPhone 7 Plus is the upgrade from the 2750 mAh of the iPhone 6s Plus up to 2900 mAh.

The cause why you need to replace the battery, iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Objective reasons may come from the fault of the manufacturer but mainly because many people use battery use iPhone 7, pin 7 Plus not properly.

We finally figured out a few causes that led to the phone battery, iPhone 7, pin ip 7 plus damaged (bottle battery, the battery is bulging, flowing water…)

  • Use battery frequently with high intensity. Products iPhone 7 use standard Li – on battery capacity of 1960 mAh, will have limited use of certain. When to the limit the only way is to replace the battery iphone because can’t fix and can’t fix it anymore.
  • Charging the iPhone is not the right way just charging just discharging: Just charging while watching movies, surfing the web is the very damaging reduce the lifespan of the battery.
  • You use the charging cable not right with the machine or use the charging cable of poor quality cause air shock, disorders touch.
  • Should not just charge just discharge, because this not only leads to the bottle battery which more dangerous is the potential risk of fire.
  • The to depleted battery and new charger cause the phone is power off suddenly, power flow exhausts make the voltage in the battery is not steady, the battery life is significantly reduced. Charging time the most reasonable is that when the phone indicates the battery level is red or about 20%.
  • Can is fault from the manufacturer lead to the battery is the bottle or damaged.
  • Use the battery charger doesn’t genuine, unknown sources. Cause negative influence to battery phone iPhone 7. Because the power source goes into the machine is not stable, easy to cause drain on the battery.

Whether the cause no matter what I do this time that is replace the battery, iPhone 7 Plus quickly so that it does not affect other parts of the phone.


Price battery the iphone 7 plus at the Middle Bar is the cheapest on the market

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Answer tips of the Stick about how to charge and use the battery correctly for you

1. Avoid to phone temperature too high: Just used just charging the battery can cause the machine to explode when the phone temperature is too high. Besides the longevity, your pin is also reduced significantly.

2. Charging as soon as phone low battery alert: Please avoid to battery capacity in the status is too low or collapsed must source new charger (because the battery CELL is difficult to receive energy, leading to long charging into more).

3. Use the charging accessories default when buying a new machine: If this equipment is damaged or lost, you look for alternative accessories at the stores selling phone accessories genuine.

4. Do not leave the battery off in the long run: When all battery capacity is cleared, then the voltage of the battery will be low. If this situation takes place in long time, the battery will no longer accept charging again.

5. Check the year of manufacture of the battery: You should select the battery that year produced close to the time most current to battery performance, better use.

The process of replacing the battery in 8 steps at Central Mobile

Step 1: Customer to the center, employees receive from customers, check the error of the machine at the same time listening to the needs as well as the inquiries of the customer regarding the replacement of the battery the iPhone 7 genuine.

Step 2: Staff will provide free advice, answer those questions for customers and offer solutions to fix error quickly, the best quality at the same time quote for services that customers choose to use.

Step 3: the Machine will be moved to the technical department to proceed to unplug the machine serves to replace the battery, iPhone 7 Plus if the customer agrees to use the service.

Step 4: Before employees perform, customers are signed up, and the his genuine. To you rest assured that not happen to the boiled of guests.

Step 5: conducting the process of battery replacement iPhone 7 get right, quickly. Fix thoroughly thanks to the team of technicians with rich experience with machinery and modern equipment. Customers can observe the process of replacement of technicians via cctv if there is demand.

Step 6: finish The process of battery replacement iPhone 7 Plus technicians check the machine again error has been completely overcome yet. If not, what other problems do occur, then sent back to the client.

Step 7: Customer receives back his machine. Check the machine again error have been overcome yet and proceed to payment costs of iPhone repair.

Step 8: employee write paper warranty for customers and gifts for our customers the attractive incentive when using services at the center.

A number of ways to check the bottle battery on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

When you find iPhone battery charging fast but fast out of battery. It is a sign get know the battery is the bottle. Besides, following are some ways that you can apply to your phone.

How to check the bottle battery on the iPhone does not need software: This is accurate information because the data is taken from the Apple. You go to Settings > privacy > diagnostics & Usage > automatically Sent.

After about 1, 2 day then you will receive a file containing the entire information about your phone. Next, to see the level of the bottle battery, the further you perform the operation Settings > privacy > diagnostics & Usage > Sent automatically > find the file log-aggregated-2018


After click, the entire information about your iPhone will appear, you drag and click items That number is the remaining battery capacity of you.

For example, in the picture, the battery of the iPhone, only the 1,200 mAh compared to 1.960 mAh while the iPhone 7 is manufactured. So is the battery the iPhone 7 has been bottle above 30% compared to the original, it is also the time you should replace the battery, iPhone 7, 7 Plus zin genuine high quality for your phone now.

Use software to check out: today on the App Store has many apps support user to check remaining battery capacity. Battery Life is a typical application you can use and download.

After opening the app, you can check the battery level, capacity, cycle (number of recharges) as well as the temperature of the phone.


The attractive incentives that the Chinese Mobile bring in customers when replace the battery, iPhone 7, 7 Plus

You are going to find the address replacement battery for the iphone 7 plus genuine at the prestigious Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi or Da Nang?

  • We are always committed to use battery iPhone 7, 7 Plus genuine Apple to serve for our customers, components are imported and have the stamp from the manufacturer.
  • Time to replace the phone battery quickly, do not make customers have to take much time. Customers can sit, wait, take the machine in the waiting room.
  • The cost to pay for each service at the Bar Mobile ensure is the most competitive prices in CITY area.CITY. Customers do not have to worry about the price. Because we always give the most reasonable price to serve customers.
  • The warranty replace the battery, iPhone 7 Plus, long-term procedure warranty simple quick. Committed to do right with what’s on paper the warranty has record.
  • Your phone customers will be guaranteed absolute safety in the entire process of replacement. Special won’t have the interchangeable components of living happens here.
  • The customer will be refund if feel not satisfied about battery replacement service iPhone that I have used.
  • If in the process of iPhone repair occurs any errors then we would like a change a components for our customers.
  • Many promotions discounts gratitude to our customers.

Bar China Mobile – Address, change pin iphone genuine, professional

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