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Change the battery Samsung A8 2015, 2016, 2018 | A8 Star | A8 Plus

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Price and warranty from 100,000 VND - 450,000 VND depending on the model, machine, and area. Please contact

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Price battery Replacement service Samsung A8 2015, 2016, 2018 | A8 Star | A8 Plus

STT Model Name Battery
1 Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 / A530 250.000 ₫
  Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 / A810 250.000 ₫
  Samsung Galaxy A8 2015 / A800 250.000 ₫
2 Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus / A730 250.000 ₫
3 Samsung Galaxy A8 Star Contact

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Service battery replacement for Samsung A8, A8 Star A8 Plus (A810, A530, A800) service is predicting HOT most of the time in Chinese Mobile pledge: pin zin genuine, top quality, alternative take the right, long-term warranty.

Replace the battery new Samsung is when Galaxy phone A8/A8 Plus of you have the expression as: Battery, quick off, quick drop battery, battery overheating, battery Samsung Galaxy A8 is bulging, battery charger not on.

The optimal solution for this case, you need to replace battery Samsung Galaxy A8/A8 Plus. A block battery well will ensure the performance efficiency of your Samsung galaxy phone A8/A8 Plus. Change the battery Samsung A810, battery replacement Samsung A8 530 feel free to contact the repair center phone ensure credibility and quality. Audio Mobile is proud to be one of the repair center the best phone, with the base at Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi and Da Nang.


If the Android operating system is considered as the soul of the phone, the volume pin is the power supply for the phone Samsung galaxy A8/ A8 Plus of you. After a period of use, the battery is often the bottle due to the habit of just charging just to use the phone.

Typically these types of phone battery Samsung Galaxy A8/A8 Plus have a life expectancy of 400 cycles (1 time charge the battery full 100% is 1 cycle, equivalent to about 800 days of use).

Can use the measurement app to see battery life, accuracy of about 90% due to the application of measuring battery capacity collect data from chips newspaper content quality, rather than measured battery capacity correctly in the battery cell.


Replace battery Samsung Galaxy phone A8, A8 Plus, the A8 Star genuine at China Mobile

A few signs that the time has come you need to change the battery Samsung A8 , A8 Star A8 Plus

The main cause why you have to change the battery Samsung A8 2016, 2018:

Your phone is often used about depleted the battery, you to under 10% to at down new sources take the charger. This is not the slightest influence, caused a bad condition to the longevity of the battery. If this condition just lasted repeated several times will reduce the battery life significantly. For should the replacement battery Samsung A8 530’s soon.

Just charge the battery Samsung A8 510 just used to play games, watch movies, listen to music, surf the web… you will see the phone heat up. Do batteries have to do one at a time, 2 jobs lead to does not guarantee the performance.

Cause seriously affect the durability of the battery causing bulging, bulging battery causing dangers such as fire affects the health, life and user.

Do you use the charger floating in the market does not ensure food quality… not the right charger genuine by Galaxy A8 needed a battery replacement service Samsung A8 2016. Because make the power supply less stable and will lead to is charging longer than and cause damage to the battery for the phone.

Can’t avoid the life expectancy of the battery decreases with current technology the battery only the number of times charging range 600 times back out is going to catch where at level. Means the number of times charge as much battery as fast bottles.

To ensure safety for yourself. When the battery of Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 have the problem wrong, you should check to be geared to handle the most suitable.

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Expression need to change battery Samsung Galaxy A8, A8 Star A8 Plus

Battery Samsung A8 is flowing water: Due to the battery swelling and edema do osmotic solution in the battery cell out.

Battery phenomenon, puffy, or burst battery: Due to accidental sharp object, stabbed straight to the battery, accidentally connecting 2 the cathode, the cause short circuit, fire and explosion. Leaving the battery in high-temperature environment, make circuit electrode and the solution in the battery cell occurs series of chemical reactions do not desire to lead to fire and explosion.

When pin charger, Samsung galaxy phone A8, A8 Plus doesn’t get the battery: Due to shallow source too long.

Battery virtual press: the Causes of memory chip used long day damaged, mangled the actual battery capacity in the battery cell.

Battery samsung galaxy A8, A8 Plus fast drops: Due to there are too many underground app is running. Off less the app is not intended to, turn off wifi and 3g is the way to prolong the battery life of my phone.

If the battery Samsung phone of you have the above signs need to change battery SamSung A8, SamSung A8 Plus.

Choosing to be block battery in accordance with parameters of the is operator is very important. Use battery fake, battery, poor quality, affecting the performance of operations and other parts like main, chip, screen,…

Based on the specifications on the phone and on the peel block pin to choose the option for fit to the machine. The quality of the cup charger and the charger to ensure the power voltage output input for the device.


>>Read more: Replacement glass samsung galaxy a8/a8 plus

The battery type on the market with different quality

  • Battery backpack (also called battery construction): a type of battery Galaxy A8 Plus alternatives that can be used as normal, but components and standard inside is produced of inferior quality.

Life expectancy is low, many prices and different quality each shop has battery components different.

  • Genuine battery: manufactured and designed in accordance with the standards of Samsung Galaxy A8 2016, to ensure that standards of airline requirements. Compare with pin Zin the difference is only 0.1%, should be recommended for “love” when you may not have to go replace the battery.
  • Pin Zin: Use this battery no need to worry about anything in addition to the amount to be paid, cost to replace battery Samsung Galaxy zin big. Not to mention, battery Samsung A8 Star is difficult there which is mostly peeled from the old phone, broken something.

Why customers choose to use a battery replacement service Samsung A8/A8 Plus Star in China Mobile

  • All the line phone battery Samsung is we import shops are standard quality Samsung’s durable and maintains stable performance from 30-45h. On each replacement battery all have warranty stamp and mark of the manufacturer, the customer can fully check the code before proceeding replacement.
  • Warranty products battery long term reputation
  • The Middle bar is always ready to inspect the machine and test again the real effect of pin to the customer can be assured.
  • The process of replacing the battery Samsung A8 Plus clear, professional, and public, always ensure perform all actions before customers to ensure peace of mind for customers.
  • Repair service Samsung cheap and clients are always test machine cleaning and free
  • Our team of enthusiastic and experienced always support our customers in the best way.

A number of questions of the client when changing phone battery Samsung A8/ A8 Plus

Question: Battery to be replaced, repair is kind of battery like?

Reply: repair centre given service policy to offer quality battery for Samsung Galaxy A8/A8 Plus throughout the warranty period. The center Pin used is pin genuine quality goods.

Question: Do I stay quite far want advice about repair battery Samsung Galaxy A8 should consultation by phone to work with the center, or must come directly to the store.

Answer: Currently the center has branches in Ha Noi to ho chi minh CITY.Ho Chi Minh city, if you belong to the city, this can find direct and to to listen a free consultation of our team of technicians are present there.

Just then as the information for battery replacement service Samsung A8, Star, Plus. If there is any problem, please contact.

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