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You are have an iPhone 5S but it is broken fingerprint sensor and you are looking for any way to fix the iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint. You read the article below to learn causes and how to fix you!

Signs that the iPhone 5S’s you are faulty fingerprint sensor

  • When Restore your computer, then itunes of the error message.
  • The registered fingerprints on your phone is hidden.
  • Can’t open phone iPhone 5S up as well as install the app needs authentication using Touch ID because you can’t use a fingerprint to open.

sửa iPhone 5S lỗi cảm biến vân tay

The reason why you must fix the iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint

  • IPhone Home button is faded or scratched then the sensor on the Home button will no longer works correctly.
  • Fingerprints of you have too much sweat or too dry, a sensor will also be not recognized precisely be.
  • Fingerprint image will not recognise when the Home button is dirt.
  • Dropped the phone or let the phone bumps affect the cable signal, at this time the sensor will be faulty.
  • An objective reasons why you must fix the iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint that is due to error from manufacturer.
  • You unintentionally buy to to iPhone 5S fake goods of inferior quality. At this time your phone will quickly damage the hardware parts as well as sensors.
  • Phone bumps manh makes the chip on the Home button is faulty or broken line in the main.
  • Phone iPhone 5S of you falling into the water can also cause error the fingerprint sensor.

Fix iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint

The most simple way is done at home when the iPhone 5S faulty fingerprint sensor:

  • Proceed to reboot the phone stored information form one more time for fingerprints.
  • Use a clean towel with no fiber to wipe the Home button.
  • Update now the latest version of IOS.
  • When the phone is dropped or bumps causing it to have problems on the sensor, at this time, you need to bring your phone right to right with the center Bar China Mobile to be staff to guide and offer solutions to repair your iPhone quickly.

Note: For advice on fixes iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint how much it costs, please contact our Hotline.

Hotline: 09.6900.8900

tt38 Here we would like to go deeper to take out the case and how to fix to fix the iPhone 5S took fingerprint sensor:

The case of the fingerprint sensor can not be active in the App Store:

For iPhone 5S faulty fingerprint sensor does not work on the App Store you can go to the settings, Touch ID & passcode Enter Your Passcode when she was taken off iTunes & App Store.

The case of the manipulation sensor on the Home button fail:

There are a number of resources makes use fingerprint on iPhone 5S your changed. At this time things you need to do is re-register the new fingerprint for iPhone 5S. Before registering new fingerprints you should wipe dry, hand hygiene clean to fingerprint be synchronized.

Reset iPhone 5S:

Which way should we try when the iPhone 5S has issues about sensor it is try rebooting your machine. This way can make your device stable, a few minor bugs, you should try this way because it can lead to unexpected results, too.

Wipe hands dry and clean when scanning a fingerprint the iPhone 5S:

As has been said above when we taps on the Home button of the iPhone 5S isn’t recognized, probably due to our hands being wet or too dry. Then you can wipe and try again.

Fixes iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint cheap Bar Mobile

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Price fix the error sensor for the iPhone 5S at the center ensure that the most competitive prices in the market ho chi minh CITY.HCM however, not lowest price. The warranty period long-term warranty from 1-12 months guarantee made in accordance with the warranty paper was recorded. The center has many machines, equipment modern technology has been tested rigorously to ensure absolute quality for customer-to-customer rest assured to use without have to worry anything.

When fixes iPhone 5S sensor error fingerprint in Audio Mobile you will not worry about is swap the event because we’re going to let customers sign up components prior to repair phones for customers. Always ready to serve customers at all times, physical facilities, modern equipment, abundant human resources will make every customer satisfied when brought his phone to the center.

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