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* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

You are looking for a prestigious address to change the charger iPad Air 1, 2. Come with China Mobile, we specialize in providing replacement services charging iPad mini with prices cheap. Currently, the number of people using mobile winter to play game also is not small, but there is a problem that is the number of the battery have limit of phone.

Mobile phone will hardly be able to meet the demand for game long are and more when your phone battery is low or runs out of battery and you do not keep up charging, it will interrupt the other work, can not contact with others. Cause is back appear service instead of charging for iPad Air 1, 2.

Apple, one of the phone manufacturer, world famous, has a solution that is using the iPad, a line of tablets. With the configuration, and battery life terrible, his iPad can completely enough to satisfy the gaming needs of you and just be able to save the phone battery. But despite being a premium product, but the iPad can still occur error. For an electronic device using the battery, then the error makes the user uncomfortable, it is not charging is due to broken charging pins.

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Expression when broken and need to replace charger iPad Air 1, 2

You need to charge the battery, but when plug the charger back in does not get power, even though they have tried through many holes plugged different. Charger plug but or unreliable electricity, unstable, or disconnected.

Use cup and charging cable other but still not charging is though the cable and the cup is still normal. In addition to being used to charge the battery, then the charger iPad is also a port to connect with laptop or computer. So that when the legs charge the ball down, which will make the iPad not connected with the computer or connection, but to be thrown out.

A number of main reasons why you can’t use and mandatory to change the charging pins iPad Air 1, 2

So in the process of using the iPad is bumped or exposed to water affect the charger, causing the charger dented distortion or short-circuit. You use the iPad was long, but at least wipe that dust in the charger, or the charger is rusted causing poor connection and or is interrupted. Bar Central has listed a number of manifestations and the main reason you need to change the charger iPad Air 1, 2. Let’s bargain with China Mobile for us to fix for you.


Our team of Bar staff, China Mobile

Why should I choose Audio Mobile to replace the charger iPad

Today there are many repair shops iPad, iPhone appeared due to the increasing demand of customers. But with the number of many such will lead to a problem that is many customers will confused don’t know should choose the store yet enough reputation to sending mobile phone to the charger the iPad Air 1, 2.

Some stores only use the components not genuine, the staff, the lack of professional influence on the phone after the repair. Quality not as expected or, worse still, may affect the other components in the machine. But you can absolutely rest assured as to with Audio Mobile Audio has experience of over 8 years in the industry, phone repair, especially repair iPad, iPhone.

Components used to replace charger iPad Air are genuine, of high quality. Staff skilled, work attitude, professional. Long-term warranty commitments, 1 change, 1 if after repair, components, problems occur. Many attractive incentives, such as gift stickers, screen support, discounts for repair times following of customers.

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