Instead of charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus

Price for services Instead of charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus

STT Model Name The charger
1 Samsung Galaxy S9 {price}4300
2 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus {price}4301

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

Instead of charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus your out of battery but you plug in the charger do not get the battery, there are no signs on power. Pin is the power supply for your phone when your phone is not recharging the battery means your phone can not be active, every operation of the machine will be stalled until phone Samsung Galaxy S9 is fix charging, charging port. This error caused a lot of fuss and inconvenience for users.

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Signs that your phone has the time to change the charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus

  • Charging the battery is not on though the power supply full.
  • Charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 PLus loose, happen the battery status press to flutter, intermittent, not continuous.
  • When connecting the computer with the phone, the phone error Unlock Device.
  • Charger not on the battery.
  • Not get the charger.
  • Plug the charger into.
  • Get the charger but not the battery.
  • Charging, slow charging flutter.

Do you know the power source to the machine when charging is not stable reduce the life of the battery quickly, not those that also affect the mainboard and the link event to another. Phone Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ ‘t get the battery affect the user’s experience.


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The main cause that leads to broken charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus

  • The cause is mainly due to the fault of the user, using the phone constantly for so long in a long time, just charge the battery while playing the game, listen to music, watch movies,… making IC is hot, causing a short circuit IC
  • Charger use for phone Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 PLus not genuine is the floating market, the specifications of the charger is not compatible with the main machine’s condition causes fast broken charging pins Galaxy S9, S9 PLus. Condition used charger, but the fact long time can cause fire, explosion, short circuit the link event to another, broken socket and the charger.
  • The charger socket is parts regularly used to plug the charger phone should or encounter condition, “dão” charging pins. Foot charging socket used for a long time, dirt on the lot but not cleaned properly, the charger is rust. change cluster charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 PLus
  • Technical errors in the process of assembling the phone hardware. This error by the manufacturer, usually very rarely happens, because the production process phones always be controlled carefully.

Instead of charging pins Samsung now?

Thanh Trung Mobile center, phone repair, professional development, over 8 years, serving hone 20,000 customers each year is a prestigious address for customers.

Information link events are used in Audio Mobile to replace charger Samsung S9, S9 PLus:

  • Open Mobile only using link accessories genuine, which is produced at Samsung plant in Vietnam to replace for customers. Say “NO” to counterfeit goods, lot goods of inferior quality.
  • All the repair services Samsung such as screen replacement, battery replacement are both used link new 100% genuine manufacturer
  • The quality of the charger is checked carefully, for you complete peace of mind about the quality.
  • We always ensure available source link conditions IC source, charging pins, cluster charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 PLus.

Why customers trust use the repair service at China Mobile

  • Price change charging pins Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus always committed to the cheapest market price weekly update to fit user needs.
  • Long-term warranty for all services
  • COMMITTED to refund 100% if customers are not satisfied with the service here
  • FREE check the entire state machine for the client, no fix no stars

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A few information about the “super food” Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+

Samsung unveils ultra tech products Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ days 25/02/2018. In terms of design, has designed nearly the same as Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, curved screen infinity, the ratio 18,5:9,screen technology Super Amoled, narrow metal frame, 2-sided glass front and rear, polished, luxurious.

Camera is the point of barrier progress is reviews on Samsung Galaxy devices S9, S9+, help it talking turned more than with S8, S8+. Hardware Camera phone with resolution up to 12 MP for high quality photos and videos better. Special Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ can change the aperture flexibility at F/1.5 or F/2.4, from which produce photos with more quality. This is something that before now, capital is considered only on the professional camera.

The battery of Samsung Galaxy S9 at 3,000 mAh and Galaxy S9+ is 3,500 mAh. Both devices support fast charging and wireless charging standard Qi. With the ability to save energy by standard, the battery life of my phone can last up to 1 day or 2 days with simple tasks.

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