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* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

Pressed glass – Replacement glass Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the service support repair fix corrupt is more interested consumers. To right with central fixing Bar China Mobile provides components repair of zin genuine. Let’s go with the Medium to be replace the battery, Samsung zin new genuine, okay.

So, what causes broken glass Samsung Fold by now? Signs need laminating glass Samsung Fold. Follow the article below to know more details.

The glass is what? Cause need to change front glass Samsung Galaxy Fold new


Glass is one of the parts located in the top surface of the phone screen, play the role, and the device structure and protection to the parts located on the bottom. Sun glasses are usually made from synthetic materials with the basic features like: anti-glare, anti-sticking fingerprint, anti-scratch.

  • During use, the glass easily damaged, most due to user dropping the phone down from above, cause rupture, crushed the glass.
  • The effects of long-term exposure as often to screen contact with the surface rough, grainy long also makes the front glass is scratched chips.
  • In addition, this division also easily affected by the heat source and the power source cause deformation, damage the entire.

In addition, when the screen machine encountered the error as black smudges, yellowed, faded stripes, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, rippling ink, flowing color… At this time we need to use the service replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Fold

Criteria select address repair change glass Samsung Galaxy Fold reputation


On the market today, the status of “upper lower gold dust” is inevitable when there are quite many facilities do not credibility are causing consumers confusion when you need to use the service. So is the customer wisdom you need to “lying heart” the basic criteria below to select the quality center:

  • Repair facility must have name, age and position in the certain market, there are information contacts clear process for commissioning public, not dim.
  • Address replacement components need to ensure about the quality of, the source components enter into and commitment to effectively repair the phone with customers.
  • Need complete public about services prices, especially the price components and the warranty policy, sales related to the direct benefit of consumers.

Guide on how to choose sun glasses components good


Although the department is located in addition to frame phone but the glass is also quite important in protecting the equipment inside. The glass components good to have those characteristics get the basic shape as follows:

  • The glass origin, country of origin and information about bills, vouchers clearly from an alternate address. Select the sun glasses have the brand quality will be better than the glass floating import in batches.
  • The surface of the glass need to be absolutely smooth, with no signs of scratches, bumps, no corrosion or deformation. When touching the glass felt flat.
  • The sugar crop and detail on the surface of the glass as the contour camera hole speaker need to be corresponding with the device location on the phone screen. Face size glasses fit, not amateurs or teen.


Bar China Mobile – Address edit change front glass Samsung Fold new


Is one of the repair center phone has high position and is reliable consumer selection, Audio Mobile always effort to complete the mission to bring customers the best experience when fix corrupt on your personal mobile device.

Audio Mobile is the top address ownership, human resource quality, highly trained professional with many years of experience in the field of fixing always ready to bring consumers quality service with optimum.

  • With the source components, genuine imported, undergoes testing process filled with strict, to ensure the quality before use for the process of replacing the center, always guaranteed to bring you effective operation anal best repair on all equipment.
  • Is address only policies, after-sales and warranty package, long Thanh Trung Mobile get trust from customers with the assistance absolutely free help avoid incurring the error damage when using services at the center.
  • Every repair process from quote to implementation of the replacement components are public completely with customers. Absolute commitment does not have the status of slashing prices, making price or swapping components on your customers.
  • Address ownership of facilities and modern equipment system, advanced meet good the repair process, we are committed to minimize the errors occurred in order to bring to customer service superiority and most fulfilling.

Customer ratings on China Mobile

Sister, Thu Thao, customers from the China Mobile, said: “I regularly use the services of the center, is the warranty service. Staff enthusiastic, not annoying like other places. Again not spending too much time waiting for, very convenient with me.”

You Nguyen Office also issued a statement: “Once filled replace the front glass Samsung Galaxy Fold here, but I am very impressed about the professional process of the center. Components derived should preferably, although prices are not competitive with other places, but I feel completely worthy experience”.


Answer questions about services

Question: why replace the front glass Samsung Galaxy Fold cheaper replacement screen?

Answer: the glass is only one department is located in the top layer of the surface of the phone, meanwhile the screen structure more complex, with plate background and grades touch. Thus, price components sun glasses usually much cheaper than the screen.

Question: Replace the front glass Samsung Fold long?

Reply: Time to change the glass Galaxy phone Fold from just 60 minutes back, so you can rest assured is not have to wait too long.

The above is the basic information about the service on behalf of mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Fold in Middle Mobile. Hope through this article you read have greater peace of mind when using the services at our center.

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