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On behalf of glass Realme 2, 2 Pro

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Price and warranty from 100,000 VND - 450,000 VND depending on the model, machine, and area. Please contact

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Service price on Behalf of glass Realme 2, 2 Pro


* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Smartphone Realme 2, 2 Pro (RMX1801) your broken glass. This article we will introduce to you address solutions provider on behalf of glass Realme 2, 2 Pro the best!

Phone Realme 2 is one of the cheap phone is now used by several users. Owned face shiny glass helps protect the screen and receiving the gesture the user to touch screen processing.

However, in the process of using the inevitable scratches, cracks. You are falling into this situation and are struggling not know how to handle it?

Come right with China Mobile to be the service experience on behalf of the glass Oppo.

√ Commitment components zin genuine √ hygiene machines free √ Warranty from 3 – 6 months √ Gift card Giftcard.

Causes of damaged facial glasses Realme 2

There are many causes of broken glass, telephone Realme 2 as:

– The impact of external forces due to accidentally fall, not to override your phone or hyperactive children throw the phone causes the glass is scratch, chip, crack, break.

– After long time use, glass is scratched due to not being protected is reasonable, such as not gluing pieces of glass, often put the phone on the surface lumpy.

– The machine has been through service on behalf of glass, but components not guaranteed or components degradation over time which causes loss of aesthetic.

thay-mat-kinh-realme-2-pro-1The incident with the glass Realme 2

Why you need to use the service on behalf of glass Realme 2, 2 Pro?

If the glass was old, unaesthetic, scratched, difficult to use or the broken glass, but you still try to use it long term will adversely affect the screen, the cost of remediation later will be higher by having to replace both the screen and the new glass.

So the replacement right side glass for phone Realme 2 of you is very necessary when the glass encounters the problem.

Guide select components the glass Realme 2 Pro good

– Faceted glass good quality and will have genuine stamps from manufacturer/distributor.

– After finishing the glass Realme 2, you can check the quality with the naked eye on the ball, the smooth, the lines to cut soft, delicate.

– When felt by hand, the glass often good for feeling lucky, easy to manipulate than other components of inferior quality.

thay-mat-kinh-realme-2-pro-1Glass after changing

Choice address phone repair reputation

There are a multitude of facility undertake on behalf of glass Realme 2, however, an address such as how will is good and best suited to you?

– Address clear, transparent.

– Have mode warranty.

– Use components are derived.

thay-mat-kinh-realme-2-pro-1The screen and the glass Realme 2 full sets

Address on behalf of glass Realme 2, 2 Pro reputation today

Currently, the repair facility phone Realme 2 “mushrooming”. However, among them not least the facility is run according to profit, lacks charisma and does not guarantee benefit for the customer.

Therefore, customers in the field of phone repair Realme 2 become increasingly cynical and increasingly more demanding in the choice of a prestigious address to check and replace the phone components.

You don’t worry by:

Credibility, quality assurance, is the reviews that customers spend for services on behalf of glass Realme 2 of Audio Mobile, so really, why?

title=”load_sync-1299″>Team Radio, China Mobile pride ourselves on the thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, rich experience providing impeccable service and commitment to customer satisfaction

Advantages of repair center phone Bar Mobile

– Established since 2006, with experience more than 10 years, Audio Mobile is a reliable address of the customer who needs phone repair in the Southern region of the country with 6 base.

– Equipment repair Oppo modern, imported from abroad. Components, genuine, new, zin 100%, origin clear, customers can test components before replacing, and change if not satisfied.

– Staff of enthusiastic, experienced skills, good professional, is involved trained, always ready to welcome and support customers.


Commitment to the benefits when using the services of China Mobile

– Transparent pricing are listed clearly.

– Ensure repair get right, commitment does not hold through the day, information security the customer and say no to the loss of personal data.

– Area customer lounge facilities, full wifi, drinking water. Customers can directly observe the repair process, or follow, through the camera system at the store.

– Give the vermicelli paste screen anti-scratch, sanitary utensil, gift card, price reduction of 50,000 – 100,000, with a discounted rate for students.

– Mode long-term warranty, have the warranty over the phone (check directly on the company website). Support return for free for 10 days if components have errors arising from the manufacturer/store.

Customer ratings of center

Sister, Bank – employee, bank – Ba Ria – Vung tau

“First impressions are the basis of repair, modern facilities, enthusiastic staff, friendly. His was the you detailed advice and not have to wait long to get your. Very satisfied and will recommend to friends about the China Mobile.”

You Han – Student – ho chi minh CITY.HCM

“The prices here are very suitable with students like yourself. Services here are great. After replacing the glass finished phone I use smooth more than. Vote 5 stars for China Mobile.”

He Ha – delivery Staff – Binh Duong

“Store user components, genuine, his back is test and pick the components before the change should not afraid of sun glasses of inferior quality. I have put the calendar prior to arrival should be a priority fix before, wait there over 2 hours, only the warranty for the service. Very satisfied about the process of repair of the center.”

Answer some of the frequently asked questions of customers

1. IN HO CHI MINH CITY.HCM I can to address any of China Mobile to use the service to repair/replace the glass Realme 2?

Bar China Mobile would like to introduce 3 the address of the unit, hoping to get served and always make you satisfied!


2. When to change face glass Realme 2, I have been tracking the process of repair/replacement not or just sit and wait for it?

Customers will be seated in the waiting area, air-conditioned, drinking water, free wifi, observed the repair process via the camera system. With the guests request, the center can will deliver and support monitor process edit directly.

3. I broken glass face Realme 2 hours to change new screen or just the glass, sir?

Hi, in your case you have to depend on signs broken particular have identified the right problem to advice accurate be. Invite you through the address of the center to be examined. Total radio China Mobile: 0909.650.650 free consultation 24/7 will also receive all of your questions.

Hopefully this article has provided you with many useful information on behalf of the glass Realme 2, 2 Pro.