On behalf of glasses, LG G2 F320, D908

Service price on Behalf of glasses, LG G2 F320, D908

STT Model Name Front glass touch
1 LG G2 F320/D908/VS980/D802 {price}240
2 LG G2 ISAI/ L22 {price}241
3 LG G2X/P990/P999 {price}228

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

On behalf of glasses, LG G2 F320, D908 has now become easy with the support of modern equipment. Bar China Mobile please provide customer service on behalf of glasses, LG G2 quick quality in ho chi minh CITY.HCM, Ha Noi and Da Nang.

Rated high both on design and configuration, the phone the LG G2 is super best-selling in a long time, and is evaluated as the line advanced smartphone maker LG. But whether divine to rate does also not avoid the damage, especially laminated glass. The glass layer is located outside the telephone has the function of protecting the screen and touch.

Structure full the screen LG G2 how?

The screen full the LG G2 consists of 3 parts: the front glass, touch, LCD display screen.

+ In that class in glass located on top of it is the direct contact between user and phone.

+ Touch is the part located between the front glass and the screen. Layer sensor has the task of receiving the user’s request to information processing

+ The display is layered at the bottom to display the image.

Users are often confused between damaged glass and damaged the screen if it is not clear distinction. When to replace the front glass LG G2 when to change touch screen LG G2, you can rely on the following characteristics.

  • If your phone is LG G2 F320, D908 broken glass, smooth touch display image good at this you just need to change the front glass LG G2, the price of replacement glass LG G2 F320 cheap.
  • Phone LG G2 broken touch, touch is erectile dysfunction, the induction time is at zero, but the screen still displays a good image, at this time you can request a pressed touch LG G2.
  • Phone LG G2 not showing is images, at this time you are forced to instead of full screen LG G2 F320, D908. Price replacement screen LG G2 is quite expensive.

Therefore, before carrying the machine for repair at the repair center LG, you need to determine is get his phone broken the glass or damaged the whole screen. Avoid case change the link condition is still good.


Machine dissection faceted glass LG G2 at China Mobile

Cause need to change the front glass LG G2

  • The cause is mainly due to user carelessness during using the phone, dropped the phone down from above, break the glass
  • Phone got water, cause spills stains water spots or bubbles, glue layer bonding the screen and the glass
  • Telephone use long day, the quality of the glass diminished, becomes opaque, the displayed images are not sharp > replacement glass LG touch G2 cheap
  • Touch are signs of disorder, paralysis or trimmer entire screen

Distinguished glass lg g2 f320, d908 restaurant zin and the glass batch

It is the cause damage the glass surface LG G2 need to change the front glass LG G2 F320, but not the kind of glass the phone is also the best guarantee is the quality when replacing.

Sun glasses zin 100%, genuine: face Type glass this free LG production, quality assurance best

Sun glasses connected ron: Also is the glass zin, the quality guarantee as the glasses zin, but is forced, add a frame, ron. Inherently exist types of this glass to save time repair replace the glass. The task of the frame ron this to gặn the glass and the screen, ensure fit and aesthetics

The glass batch: a type of glass float of unknown origin on the market. Cheap but not guaranteed to be quality. Cause trimmer list screen and touch, poor bearing capacity. Knh batch often brittle and chipping.


The process of replacing the front glass LG G2

You’re wondering what should replace the front glass LG G2 now hcm city, ha noi and da nang. LG G2 F320, how much, replacement touch lg g2 cheap price, I need to find to what address?

Services on behalf of glasses, LG G2 F320, D908 genuine cheap Bar Mobile

The process of replacing the front glass LG G2 F320, D908 cheap

Step 1: receptionists receive. Listen to description of the customer about the status of the machine LG G2

Step 2: Technical sex, check out the whole state machine, and put the repair the most optimal, on behalf of glass, pressed glass lg g2

Step 3: service quotes pressed glass LG G2, how much, conduct customer sign up link conditions to avoid boil

Step 4: Proceed to change the touch LG G2 F320 by a molding machine with vacuum advanced, modern and fast

Step 5: check for the last time the handover to the customer

Step 6: stamp, note, warranty for the product. Customer payment the service charge on behalf of glasses, lg g2 F320, D908


Why we choose to use technology, pressed glass vacuum into the repair process on behalf of the glass LG G2

  • Separator machine pressed glass brought to 100% accuracy, crafted for each millimeter
  • Instead of glass, LG G2 F320, D908 machine presser foot does not automatically bring high sure high most durable for the new glasses
  • Glasses steamed in sealed environment, NO dirt, NO air bubbles, NO error

Warranty policy when replacing the front glass LG G2 F320

  • Warranty components at all stores Audio Mobile nationwide
  • Product warranty (1 change 1 in 1 months, warranty for 3, 6 or 12 months next depending on type)

Commitment when the customer on behalf of the glass LG G2

  • glass LG G2 GENUINE. Zin 100%, say no to the type of batch goods, fake goods of inferior quality
  • Fix in place in the technical room can see directly.
  • Time instead touch LG G2 get it now in 45 minutes
  • Technical staff professional. Preserved machine in the repair process.
  • Sanitary machine for free. Service check the entire machine for customers
  • Gift GiftCard discount for all services at the store

Caesarean section number of questions of the customers when to change face glass lg g2 at China mobile

Behalf glasses lg g2 finished materials do adversely affect the quality of the machine is not so and can affect the aesthetics of the machine?

Answers of we are not. After replacing the front glass lg g2 is finished you will have the perfect experience on your phone pictures crisp display, smooth touch as new machines.

How to distinguish the glass zin good quality and the glass batch of poor quality?

With respect to the line of the present glasses, it’s hard to distinguish where is the glass zin, and where the glass batches if only naked eye observation. How to test fairly simple and accurate test is the collection made up of drops of water.

A small drop of water a small glass plate. If the water droplets do not break up into many small drops glass company proved face diameter of zin, because good quality should be guaranteed to be collectors for water drops. If water drops bi to break off into droplets small li company proven sun glasses store fake. Poor quality.

The price is also a factor to you based on which to distinguish the glass zin and plots. Price glass lg g2 restaurant zin higher than batch. Let’s know his choice for the best products to replace glass lg g2.

Differentiated based on the color glass zin coincide with the color machine, color glass lot non-standard, have the wrong color compared to the glass by LG production

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