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* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

You are need to find the address replace battery Samsung Galaxy Fold in Ha Noi & ho chi minh CITY? But don’t know should change the battery Samsung Fold should go and change now? Price replacement battery Samsung Fold, how much? All answers will be located in the article below should help answer any of your questions.

Information machine

Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the new phones out is he big Samsung unveiled with battery have capacity battery 4380 mAh quite large current, built-in fast charging technology. Type standard battery, Li-po, help superman save battery, fast charging and wireless charging.


Can say this is one of the model most modern phones now been launched. When the technology from the screen, camera, CPU, Android os 9.0 Pie… are super terrible and high-tech.

However, in time use, very difficult to avoid the omission of user, the battery of the machine will also be bottle battery gradually. Right now the important thing to do is go change the battery Samsung new battery was malfunctioning severely.

Such causes lead to battery Samsung Fold is spoiled by civilization by now? Criteria find yourself a address reputation repair? Selection guide battery Samsung Fold how well?

Causes to replace the battery, the Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Use khônng the right way that affect batteries when frequent charging phone for a long time, plug the charger over night or just use the service just plug in your phone charger.
  • Use the battery charger, no sync, poor quality goods are not genuine goods floating on the market, making the affected battery.
  • Power source less stable that the charging process does not guarantee long lasting bottle battery, damaged battery.
  • The phone is shock, falling down to the hard surface and strong cause deformation or rupture of the socket pin.

The outstanding advantages of the Chinese Mobile


With the advantage of a in the repair center leading reputation in the region Bar China Mobile always strives to bring customers the best quality service in the preferential price. When you come to our center, our customers will experience the repair service superiority ensure the performance operation for the device.

At the center, we are always proud when the owning resource of high quality trained professional with many years of experience in the profession. Attitude employees are always dedicated, enthusiastic with customers and flexibility to support in the policy advice. Not only that, customers also have the opportunity to check out directly components and witness the repair process directly, openly, clearly.

Commitment to service replace battery Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • At China Mobile, the absolute state has no hack and slash or customer reviews. All services are open about the price and agreement with the client before going into the repair procedure.
  • The source components used to change the battery Galaxy Fold is guaranteed genuine imported with bills, vouchers clear the testing process strictly ensure effective alternative to equipment anal repair.
  • Policy warranty lasting from 3 to 12 months with the support service for free during this time to bring absolute peace of mind for customers when choosing the center.
  • Duration repair and replacement of phone components only range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the error condition, broken. At the center, you can wait to get the machine right at the counter, do not affect work or activities of the customer.
  • Staff are trained professional with the expertise as they study the repair program from the foreign side.

The process of replacing phone battery Samsung Galaxy Fold in Middle Mobile


Step 1: check Staff phone status and advice of service. Customers, check components, agreement rates and commitment to repair.

Step 2: Remove the screen out of the bracket your phone, remove the socket, screen and parts other fixed such as the speaker, the vibration…

Step 3: Uninstall the glue seal and remove the old battery out of the device. Use a new battery with glue paste dedicated fixed into position battery tray on the phone.

Step 4: re-Insert the socket screen and other parts. Made fixed screen with bracket phone. Check effective alternative and the handover to the customer.

Guide to choosing components battery Samsung Fold good

On today’s market there are many types of battery components with different quality not very evenly. Therefore, to ensure efficient energy use when replacing components, consumers should pay attention to check the following points:

  • Phone battery derived, clear origin, there is information about bills, vouchers and standardized testing of security of the Ministry of Public security regulations. On the battery there stamps sealing stamps, anti-counterfeit…
  • Battery structure, balance, flat, no signs of protrusions, denting distortion, bottle bulging or distortion. The surface of the pin is flat, smooth. Letters printed on the battery, slender, evenly about strokes and bright colors clearly.
  • Socket pin connected adjacent to each other have to have light bright yellow, not leaning to copper color. When test performance, battery operation, fully meet the demand of users in the given time.

Customer reviews about repair service at the center

Sister Mai Thi Thuy, a customer typically at the center, said: “the telephone at the center I feel very assured because of professional staff, enthusiastic. Repair time short, do not affect the busy work of me, and not afraid to be swapping components again”.

Another customer, he Happiness Resources come from ho chi minh City stated: “the center has the infrastructure quite good, staff attentive, nimble. I was checking components before repair should be quite assured about the quality of service at this”.


A few questions about basic service replacement phone battery

Here are the questions about battery replacement service Samsung Galaxy Fold consumers often ask the most.

Question: Replace battery Samsung Fold new expensive?

Answer: Depending on the type of battery components, where the price level change the battery will have a different vibration from 300.000 upwards. Genuine battery has higher price and use quality more stable compared to the battery components should usually be the customer favorite use.

Question: Replace battery Samsung Galaxy Fold can cause damage, affect the screen?

Answer: In the address of inferior quality, replace the battery completely may damage the screen if the employee not to notice. However, China Mobile committed to not have this situation happen by human resources professional skilled professional, so you can rest assured.

Replace battery Samsung Galaxy Fold is the preeminent services to help improve the condition of damaged battery. With the outstanding advantages of the service, be sure that this will be the top choice for consumers when bottle battery, bulging battery or damaged battery phone.

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