Pressed glass, replacement glass iPhone X – Xs – Xs Max – Xr

Price table service, Pressed glass, replacement glass iPhone X – Xs – Xs Max – Xr

STT Model Name The glass Glass back
1 IPhone case X {price}2591 {price}3248
2 IPhone case Xs {price}4013 {price}4056
3 IPhone case Xs Max {price}4014 {price}4057
4 IPhone case Xr {price}4210 {price}4333

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

Bar China Mobile specializes in providing services on behalf of glass, pressed glass iPhone X, iPhone X Plus – XS – XS Max – Xr zin genuine, take right in days in ho chi minh CITY and Ha Noi.

If phone iPhone X, iPhone X Plus your crashed, broken glass leads to a glass before, after iPhone X broken, cracked, broken, scratched and you are in need to find an alternate address? So come now, open Mobile, here we specialize in replacement glass touch iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, juice glass surface iPhone X get right for you.

In addition, we also provide additional services to handle all errors, incidents and warranty in 12 months. Especially will refund 100% of the money if you are not satisfied with the service.

Video “Instructions Replace iPhone Screen X Cheap ho chi minh CITY”

Currently, the OLED screen of the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus are SAMSUNG manufactured based on the nature of AMOLED screens, so the iPhone X (IPX) as well or encountered some error screen, and incidents quite similar to the screen Samsung.

In fact, the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus owns a screen at infinity with class touch associated screen of the machine and have the contact area very large width up to 6.5 INCHES. Should just fall down 1 force or direct the tempered glass is easily damaged.

The separation and forced change front glass iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr increasingly more difficult

According to time, technology grows, the requirement of the user as high. Therefore, the devices such as the iPhone X leave as is Apple equip the components screen and sun glasses with premium design, more complex.

So the process of replacing the glass touch iPhone X as well as becoming increasingly difficult than the previous one so much.

When the glass iPhone X damaged, the dissection layer front glass for iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max is a very difficult job, seemingly is not possible.

Because in the process of dissection of the layers of glass iPhone X, just a small negligence can also do dead touch screen to replace the whole screen.


Photos: Hot faceted glass iPhone X – iPhone X, X Plus crashed, broken glass

There are many iPhone X screen not simply cracked, but also crumbled with thousands of pieces of crushed glass, small glass ti.

If the technician does not have experience then only a small preliminary fragments of crushed glass that will scratch or even tear the touch screen below. Lead to have to replace the whole screen is very expensive.

However, the dissection and replacement of the screen glass and touch panel iPhone X this can still be done as if it was made by a team of technicians good with full professional equipment.

And China Mobile is the only phone repair iPhone X may full the important factors that.

On behalf of glass, pressed glass iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr peace of mind 100% at China Mobile

Thanh Trung Mobile center is phone repair with over 10 years of experience in iPhone repair and currently have facilities in most of the provinces, big cities such as HCMC and HANOI, Da Nang,… center warranty commitment process of replacing front glass iPhone X in China Mobile.

If there is damage, the center will replace a new screen for you screen zin genuine.

At China Mobile, team of technicians, experienced equipment repair, iPhone, iPad will directly check for diagnostic errors on the glass iPhone X and iPhone X Plus of you.

Then we will take to give you the most accurate information about the state of disrepair of the machine. Finally, after squeezing the glass iPhone is finished, the machine will be checking back all the other parts to ensure that the device works in a normal way and the most stable.


Hot facial after iPhone X – iPhone X broken glass back

We have the full range of modern equipment to handle from the iphone 5 screen simple to the curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and now the replacement front glass iPhone X, X Plus.

  • Depending on the level of damage after fall break time to replace the front glass iPhone only from 50 – 60 minutes.
  • Wait take right at technical Audio Mobile to be able to get the machine right.
  • You will be warranty glass iPhone X, X Plus in 12 months (the error bubble adhesive border, foam, air between the front glass with the screen).
  • In addition, you will be awarded with stickers, scratch-resistant glass face and back.

At the same time, technology dissection – Paste screen our professional will help for the original beauty of iPhone X after changing the glass is kept intact, so guests can have complete peace of mind.

When you need to pressed glass, replacement glass phone?

With texture glass, screen and touch parts quite complex, phone iPhone X and iPhone X Plus can meet the error when bumps such as:

  • Glass iPhone X, iPhone X Plus cracked, but screen still display normal, the touch still normal use. In this case you only need to change front glass iPhone X, iPhone X Plus new is overcome.
  • The front glass is broken, touch is not used( paralysis, arrhythmia, touch). This case you need to change screen iPhone X, X Plus.
  • The front glass is broken or still intact, touch normal use but the screen does not display be images or the appearance of horizontal stripes vertical (there is dead pixels, yellowing, spots…). To meet this condition, you must replace the iPhone screen X, X Plus full set.


Components replace front glass iPhone X, XS, Xs, Max, Xr, genuine

Resolved fret when replacing the glass touch iPhone X, X Plus

  1. Replacement front glass for iPhone X, Xs Max totally not affect screen display.
  2. Replacement front glass, back iPhone X, Xr uses, components, genuine, high quality.
  3. You get 12 months warranty when replacing the front glass and touch iPhone X, X Plus, warranty permanently bubble glue, foam, and gas.
  4. You will be checked for free of errors on other functions and is cleaning free when replacing the glass touch iPhone X, X Plus.
  5. Many of you fret about water resistance of the iPhone X when was glass. Unfortunately, the water resistance will be lost when you change the lens. Because when the machine is removed, then ron, anti-water will take effect. This is inevitable and you should be cautious with these promises on behalf of glass that retains its waterproof capabilities.

The process of replacing the glass touch iPhone X, X Plus at China Mobile

Step 1: Before changing the staff at the reception of customers, check the status, the error on the machine and report back with the customer.

Step 2: After checking the machine is complete, the employee conducting the written votes received and quotes on behalf of glass iPhone X, X Plus with customers.

Step 3: the Machine is transferred to engineering department for repair. Employees to receive air and conduct repair immediately. Time to replace front glass iPhone X, X Plus only from 50 – 60 minutes.

Step 4: After the repair is finished the glass iPhone X, X Plus customers will be the same staff check all functions of the machine.

Step 5: Write a vote handover & warranty, then send back to the client. Service charges pressed, replace front glass iPhone X, X Plus.


Employees receiving machine from the client

Why you should choose the services of China Mobile

With the motto “all for the benefit of customers”, we pledge to:

  • Components replace front glass iPhone X, X Plus new 100% genuine, origin clear.
  • Long-term warranty support 1 1 change in 7 days from the date of repair if there are errors arising from the manufacturer.
  • Components replace the glass touch iPhone X, X Plus are cheap, best in the CITY.HCM, Ha Noi, Da Nang.
  • Process quick fix customer support, enthusiastic, detail each process.


Bar China Mobile – Address pressed glass iPhone X Saigon no. 1

In addition to this service, Pay also there are many other services related to iphone repair.

Thank you for your interest tracking services on behalf of iPhone case X of Bar Mobile. If you are in demand please contact us to get advice, answer questions in the best way.

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If you are need to replace the front glass, pressed glass iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr cheap price with best quality, find to professionals like Thanh Trung Mobile.

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