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* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

Service replace the battery Oppo A5 2020 is the solution to help overcome thoroughly to the status fault battery damaged as charger not on battery, quick battery, battery virtual battery fit… So address change the battery Oppo A5 2020 now? Price replacement battery for Oppo A5 2020, how much money?

To right repair center phone Bar Mobile to be repair of replacement of components zin new. Find out battery replacement service zin new Oppo A5 2020 through this article, okay.

Causes to replace the battery Oppo A5 2020


Most of the main causes leading to the error condition, damaged battery on your phone Oppo A5 2020 come from the careless given by the user during use, such as:

  • Habit just use the task just charge the phone battery in a long time.
  • When your phone runs out of battery power off new start plug the charger, do not connect the charger when the battery is weak.
  • Plug charging overnight or charging in long time, do not unplug charger when the battery is full.
  • Use the charger of poor quality affect the phone battery.
  • Dropping the phone or causing to occur the impact impact strong influence socket connect the battery with the device.

Advantages battery replacement service Oppo at China Mobile


Replace the battery is one of the service support repair of fault damage coming from components on the device most effective out of the method of support today. To China Mobile customers will get to experience the process of repair superiority and professional with the outstanding characteristics are as follows:

  • Staff have technical expertise with many years of experience in the field of repair always, dedicated customer support in the service.
  • Repair process with professional facilities, modern equipment brings high accuracy to minimize risks while performing.
  • The repair time short, only ranged from 30 to 60 minutes, in accordance with the demand of the customers busy.

Criteria to select components, good quality battery

Battery components usually have the highlights completely different than battery lot usually. If to note the following points, the consumer can easily distinguish the type of battery which has better quality when used for his device.

  • Pin zin components, texture, size and organoleptic balance. The design lines on the body battery is fabricated meticulously. Surface flat battery, no signs of convex and concave deformation.
  • Socket battery contact with the battery tray on the bracket the phone has a yellow color fresh expression for material and manufacturing process well.
  • Friendly the battery has printed information about the manufacturer, the battery parameter clear, the letters in a straight, symmetrical with each other. Does not have the status printed is distorted, out of focus.
  • When test performance battery usage time in the average, acceptable compared with the price level. No device status virtual battery or behind the battery fast in short time is is.

Committed to service, replace the battery Oppo A5 2020 of the Chinese Mobile


When to China Mobile customers will be guaranteed the basic rights of price, quality of service, as well as the information related to efficient repair, replacement components.

  • Components of dubious origin, have brand transparency. Variety of accessories to help consumers have more options than when repair the phone.
  • Repair procedure is most in accordance with common standards help reduce the time to fix corrupted, to ensure quality service for customers.
  • Warranty policy with long-term support repair completely free during the validity of warranty.
  • Absolutely no the status: off, quotes off or swapping components on the client device with components plots of inferior quality.
  • Center, guarantee after repair, the client device can use with performance perfectly normal. Money back guarantee service if errors occur broken in the repair process.

Customer ratings of center

Sister, En The Flowers, the customer at the center, said: “my phone is broken the battery to be preserved, bring this advice in great detail about components and services, so I’m also a little relieved somewhat. The price is also very preferential so sure I would recommend the center to friends and relatives”.

Mr. Le Van Nam also said: “I appreciate the services at Thanh Trung Mobile by repair, fast focus, accurate, does not cause damage to women. Skilled staff, very sure, re-grasp on the components I should be very reassuring when maintenance phone here”.


Answer basic questions about the service

  • The process of replacing phone battery Oppo A5 2020?

First, the technician will check and make removing the screen out of the bracket device after the deal is done on price services with customers. Next, we use tools dedicated to separate other parts such as parts, anti-vibration speakers under the… of the phone. The purpose of this step is to easily removing the old battery out of the device and insert a new battery in, fixed with a special glue. Finally, the technician will reassemble your phone, check out equipment and handing to the customer.

  • Battery deformed should change or not?

Phone battery usually has a short shelf life after time of use certain easily deformed, the influence from the external impact. Therefore, when the condition malformations of the battery, the user should bring the phone to test at the prestigious center.

In general, replacement phone battery, Oppo A5 2020 is the top service to be more consumer trust choice. With this fix, you will be able to use the device completely normal as before damaged the original.

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