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* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

Service replace the battery, Vivo V15 are very many users are interested in and use the repair service so when the battery is broken, very easy to affect a charging error. Follow the article below help to capture the basic information about the service.


Commitment to service repair replace the battery, Vivo in China Mobile

  • Fixing components zin new genuine.
  • Warranty from 3 – 6 months.
  • Sanitary machine for free.
  • Gift card Giftcard.

Causes leading to the status change pin Vivo V15

In the process of using the device, there are many different causes that can lead to a damaged battery on your phone Vivo V15. Mainly these causes often stem from carelessness of consumers while manipulation and preservation of equipment, for example:

  • Just plug the charger just use a mobile phone.
  • Use until your phone battery is running low and auto power-off new charger plug.
  • Plug charger through the charger of poor quality or connected to a power source not stable.
  • Plug charge your phone overnight, in long time cause bottle phone battery.
  • Do fall, break your phone cause off socket battery cause the battery is damaged, bottle, puff…

Signs need to change the phone battery, Vivo V15 new

When the machine has the signs on need to bring computer to repair center phone Bar Mobile to is replace a battery Vivo V15 new

  • Charger not on the battery.
  • Fast out of battery.
  • Virtual battery.
  • The battery is suitable.

Why use a battery replacement service Vivo V15 in China Mobile?

Bar China Mobile is one of the places support phone repair leading reputation with many basis different delivery nationwide. When your phone is bug damage on the battery, you should use the right service check and battery replacement for smartphone Vivo V15 because the main causes are as follows:

  • Replacement of the battery is solved direction and the most perfect for the case of fault damage to the device comes from battery.
  • After replacing the battery the phone can operate completely normal. Battery life components equivalent to the type of battery zin on the market today.
  • Quality of service superiority with a team of technicians skilled professional with many years of experience in the profession are ready to support for customers about services of the center.

Commitment with the customer about the quality service, replace the battery, Vivo V15

  • Thanh Trung Mobile center is reputation repair, with many years of experience in the field of telephone should commit absolutely no status swapping, replacing components of the customer in the repair process.
  • All services are open about the price and informed agreement with the client before entering into the process of repair of other equipment.
  • Origin, components, genuine, imported and listing stamps with clear information ensure quality service to consumers.
  • Warranty policy from 3 to 12 months depending on the type of components battery, screen, speakers… different customers peace of mind use the services.

The process of replacing phone battery, Vivo in China Mobile

Step 1: Employees perform check phone Vivo V15 of guests, consider the level of bug damage and quote for customers.

Step 2: Disassemble the phone screen with bracket frame metal machine. Continue to remove the socket connector screen with main phone.

Step 3: Disassemble the other details on the device such as vibration, the speaker cable located at the bottom battery tray, near the phone’s charging port.

Step 4: remove the glue sealing on the battery tray, remove the old battery from the battery tray and made fitting the new battery in. Fixed by the type of glue, for professional use.

Step 5: assemble the device in sequence when disassembling the machine. Check performance use and handover to customer.

Tip select components phone battery quality

The battery is one of the types of components often occur error damaged the most because of many different causes in the process of use. Battery replacement service is a perfect help to radically remedy the fault condition, however, when done, you should ensure to check the quality of the battery components with the following characteristics:

  • Battery information brand, origin clear, there are stamps listed and the papers proved related.
  • The brand information printed on the surface of the battery must have texture evenly writing sound in bold are together, the print sharp, not smudged colored or blackened reproach.
  • The socket connector with cable in the battery trays are light bright yellow, not yellow copper tarnish (this is the type of battery lot of poor quality).
  • When test performance battery maintains time use equivalent to the type of battery zin ordinary (or less than but not too different in terms of time use).
  • The battery has a source, can up battery and non-battery alarm virtual on phone.

Customer ratings of center


Pham Van Hung, customers of China Mobile, said: “the Advantage at center, service is fast, not time consuming, staff are also quite devoted and enthusiastic explanation of the service when I wonder. The space is quite spacious, there are chairs to wait so I can observe the entire process of repairs, so rest assured no fear of duplicity components as other bars”.

Mr. Nguyen Hung also said: “the past Time, many address repair poor quality are often very volatile clients makes me very anxious. So when are you friendly referral center, I brought the machine to fix. It is true that at this staff are very professional and respect customers. Good service”.

Answer questions about basic service

  • Replace the battery, Vivo V15 can solve the condition, the bottle battery?

As stated, battery replacement is a service that helps support and fix completely the bug damage on the device if the cause of the battery. Therefore, if the battery is the bottle, replace the battery components can absolutely help remedy this situation.

  • When should I replace the phone battery?

The battery is bottles bulging or deformation with the basic signs, such as wireless charger, charging the battery is full but quick drop battery or signs of virtual battery on the device is signal the phone you have broken the battery. At this point, you need to bring equipment out of the repair shop to check.

The above is the basic information about battery replacement service Vivo V15. Hope that through this article, you read will partially resolved questions about basic service to assured payment option China Mobile.

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