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Replace the cover Zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro

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Price and warranty from 100,000 VND - 450,000 VND depending on the model, machine, and area. Please contact

Hotline Hồ Chí Minh 0909.650.650

Address: 1399 - 1401 đường 3 tháng 2, P.16, Quận 11, TP.HCM

Address: 535 Quang Trung, Quận Gò Vấp, TP.HCM

Address: 24 Trần Văn Kiểu, P. 10, Quận 6, TP HCM

Address: 212 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, P. ĐaKao, Q.1, TP HCM (Ngay Cầu Bông)

Call center advice 0909.650.650 (Only Vietnam, charges 1,000 VND / minute - cheaper than mobile calls)

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Thông tin chi tiết

Service price Replacement Zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro

STT Model Name Shell
1 Asus Zenfone 5 Lite (ZC600KL, A502CG) Contact
2 Asus Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL, Z01RD, A501CG, A500CG, A500KL) Contact
3 Asus Zenfone 5z (ZS620KL) Contact
4 Asus Zenfone 5 Pro Contact

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Service replacement Zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro in ho chi minh CITY, Ha Noi and Da Nang. Bar China Mobile committed to shell zin 100%, genuine, cheap, replacement quick grab right after 45 minutes. Service replacement zenfone 5 is service be customers looking for the most in the last time. Understanding the needs of customers, the Bar providing all the repair services phone: replacement screen zenfone 5, replacement front glass touch zenfone 5, 5z, 5 lite, 5 Pro replace battery zenfone… for all the different version of zenphone 5.

To understand why need to change the shell zenfone 5, 5z, or 5 Lite, 5 Pro you need to understand the structure of the shell phone Asus zenfone 5.

Also, like most of the other smartphone such as Samsung, iPhone, Sony, shell, zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro texture ceramic 3 sections: the back cover, slopes benzene surrounded the machine and the electronic circuit to connect data, status guarantees the normal operation of the machine.


Phone shell for Asus zenfone 5

Raw material production, phone shell mainly from metal, glass, and plastic

Shell zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro design, loose form, is fabricated from plastic create a feeling of hand sure and comfortable. The front is made from plastic imitation metal bearing for equipment, beauty and elegance as 1 smartphone high end.

Unlike other smartphones, part of the motherboard the machine is design is panels width takes up the entire phone, the motherboard of the zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro is designed more compact, the remaining space in the container capsule phone battery zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro.

The part connect to the motherboard are using the connector (connector), so the removable cover zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro quite easily. Motherboard connector neatly connected to the battery, in the more compact but not easy to take apart separated as on the zenfone 4.

Profile of textures phone shell zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro is like, causes of failures the shell, compelled to change phone shell zenfone 5 is mainly derived from the reason the user is not careful, accidentally dropped the phone, bear the impact force is too strong to affect the wireless connection ben in.

Aesthetic reasons, mobile phone use, long days shell scratched, shell asus zenfone 5, 5 Pro, dented distorted, lose its elegance delicate for the product.

To take back beauty for equipment, the only solution is replacing the cover zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro.


Shell phone Asus zenfone 5 Lite

Choose phone shell fits the need based on the criteria of how?

To choose the phone cover suitable with your should to see the specifications on the back cover: the imei number seria, place of production, production time,.. can fit or not.

Use the cover phone of inferior quality, shell fake directly affect the performance of the machine. Reduce the ability to catch a wave, transceiver wifi, 3g,… Shell zenfone 5 fake, counterfeit, poor-quality fast are cheaper but fast breaks, do not protect the parts inside the machine.

The service replacement zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro at Audio Mobile

+ Replace original phone Asus zenfone 5z

+ The shell

+ Change shell type

Phones Asus zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro is used by many people because of the price-range, powerful configuration, the pull in that needs the phone shell zenfone 5 is also pulled in. The middle plate phone repair sprang up like mushrooms but not the quality of service center is as good. Most market is mature, comments, link phone accessories in Vietnam is incredibly diverse, pervasive, the link conditions clones are produced in china, producing incredibly sophisticated, if not who have in-depth knowledge sides of this phone are difficult to the distinguish link event simulator.

Please contact Thanh Trung Mobile to get assistance from the technician skilled.

The process of replacing the shell Asus zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite, 5 Pro at Bar Central Mobile?

B1: Get the machine from the customer, receiving information describing the status of the machines from customers

B2: Give cause machine damage and solutions

B3: service quotes for customers

B4: conduct repairs

B5: Pay machine for guests, written warranty, charge service

Why KH trust and use the replacement phone in China Mobile?

+ Service replacement zenfone 5z, 5, 5 Lite, 5 Pro always the cheapest on the market

+ Warranty from 3 to 6 months or the warranty permanently (depending on type)

+ Refund 100% if customers are not satisfied with the service

+ Not swapping link conditions, boiled of guests

+ Link condition shell 100% new clear origin

+ Preservation of the machine during the repair process

Quality of service

+ Committed to using shell swell, choose the appropriate shell for each model machine

+ Team of technicians with rich experience, the process to dismantle the right standard, do not affect the quality of your machine

+ Replacing the cover quickly, only 45 minutes, take right in days

+ Customers can directly track the repair process