Replacement glass touch HTC 8X, 8S

Table service prices Replacement glass touch HTC 8X, 8S

STT Model name Front glass touch Screen
2 HTC 8S {price}489 {price}578
  HTC 8X {price}488 {price}488


* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

You are looking for a center to repair your phone to change the front glass HTC 8X, 8S his, but wondering about the quality of the center. So then China Mobile is a choice worth considering. With many years of experience in the field of warranty and replacement components for mobile devices, we are confident will bring confidence, satisfaction and a reasonable cost for those who are looking for a service replacement glass HTC 8X.

HTC 8X is one of the phone running Windows Phone of HTC owns the HD screen of 4.3 inches with chip Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 2 nhân, 1.5 GHz the practical experience on the machine causing many surprises for us with the speed of processing is quite fast…

When you need to replace the front glass HTC 8X


thay-man-hinh-mat-kinh-cam-ung-htc-8x-8s Replacement glass touch HTC 8x genuine at Bar Central

Common mistakes about sun glasses need new:

  • Facial signs of rupture, cracking, serious loss of aesthetic
  • Glass HTC 8X is dust, mold have to replace the front glass HTC 8X new.
  • Glass not sure of the adhesive layer paste was too long

With nature is a most sensitive parts on a phone the glass often arise these incidents cause many annoyance for users. If you encounter any problem on the device, but not found the solution any specific. Make the right call for our team of employees of China Mobile always ready to serve you.

Warranty policy when replacing the front glass HTC 8X at China Mobile

  • Change new glasses in the first 7 days if the error occurred on the product
  • The warranty period lasts for 6 – 12 months from the date of replacement
  • Warranty support with the most preferential price, even if already out of warranty
  • There’s always the incentive program and promotions for loyal customers

The process of replacing the front glass HTC 8X at Bar Central

Step 1: technicians get machine and test equipment overview

Step 2: inform the customer the status error and alternative solution

Step 3: agree, proceed to replace the glass for equipment

Step 4: Check the machine functions again, fix bugs

Step 5: Complete the payment, write a paper and stamping the warranty for customers who

Thay mặt kính cảm ứng HTC 8X On behalf of glass, HTC 8X rates, take the right at the Middle

Commitment of the Bar with the customer to replace the front glass for HTC 8X

  • Use imported components, genuine, 100% new for replacement and phone repair HTC, say no to batch, poor quality products affect reputation shop.
  • Cost of replacing front glass for HTC 8X always the best competition in the area, we always desire to give our customers the service on behalf of glass, HTC 8X high quality with cheap price CITY
  • Staff, work professional, always cheerful, sociable, friendly with customers, technical staff, skilled, repair quickly and accurately.
  • Mode long-term warranty standard repair, direct replacement, transparent clear, surely you will assured and satisfied when using our services.

Audio Mobile is pleased to be providing services on behalf of glass, HTC 8X to our customers.

trung-tam-sua-chua-di-dong-thanh-trung-mobile Repair centre mobile Audio Mobile

To know more details about the service on behalf of glass, HTC 8X and get our staff consultants repairs, please contact:

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650

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