Replacement glass touch LG LTE3 F260

Table service prices Replacement glass touch LG LTE3 F260

STT Model Name Touch
1 LG LTE 3/F260 {price}250

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

Replacement glass touch LG LTE3 F260 genuine grab now only at Bar Mobile. Most prestigious address, professional, and most prestigious on the market today. In the process of use because of some reason that face glasses screen the customer’s phone is broken need to replace, please contact us immediately for advice troubleshooting fastest.

At Audio Mobile we apply the modern technology, latest, our team of talented employees more experience in the field, thanks to which services replace glass touch LG LTE3 F260 of them will bring you satisfaction unsurpassed. Just replace the components broken instead of having to replace the set (screen + front glass + touch) as before.

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650


Phone LG LTE3 F260

  • Size: 4.7 inches
  • Models applied: LG LTE3 F260

Price replacement glass touch LG LTE3 F260 range how much: Contact

Note: the Price of our services, not the dismantling, the customer please contact the following address or Hotline: 0909.650.650 to be counseling as well as updates service information.

The signs replace the glass touch LG LTE3 F260

  • The glass cracked, broken, crashed, broken deformed but still usable
  • The phone is listed touch can’t use
  • Good display, the more dead spots, patchy.

The process of replacing the glass touch LG LTE3 F260 genuine

Step 1: Staff care warranty check => check => error Checking => Record status

Step 2: the technician recheck => customers => unity notes status

Step 3: Check components (if present) => Proceed to fix => technician check the machine.

Step 4: employee care, check out the machine along with customer => Record status

Step 5: handing machine => Write warranty => the handover and warranty for the customer.


Commitment to change touch glass LG LTE3 F260 at Bar Central

  • Our components are genuine, imported directly from manufacturer-new 100%
  • Repair, replacement directly taken now. Duration from 30 – 45 minutes (depending on service).
  • Commitment on behalf of glasses, LG LTE3 F260 cheapest market.
  • Warranty replacement front glass, touch from 3 – 6 – 12 months (depending on components).
  • Committed not retain the machine over night.
  • Product warranty, care at all branches nationwide.

More information:

Phone LG LTE3 F260 product is portable, Korean air has international codes is F260. LTE3 is the upgraded version of the LTE2 is the official sale from may 8 just then, the machine configuration is quite similar with LG F7 was announced earlier at MWC 2013.

As well as the product portable other ago. LTE3 was launched and quickly is the phone shop, to enter on with 2 colors, black and white, attractive.


All contributions, comments and questions about service, replacement touch replacement glass for LG LTE3 F260 genuine customers please use the comment section below, or contact directly to get help fast

Ho Chi Minh CITY : 0909.650.650 . In ho chi minh CITY Ha Noi: 0909.650.650

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Thanks to all customers who were interested in service replacement touch glass LG LTE3 F260 our pleasure to serve you.

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