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STT Model Name Front glass touch Screen
1 Lumia 950 {price}313 {price}385

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

You are not able to use the phone due to damaged glass touch? Come with China Mobile, we specialize in providing repair service, replacement glass nokia Lumia 950 genuine. Ago you always have to worry about many problems about the quality and time spent when the decision on behalf of the phone glass.

But now in China Mobile, we use technology pressed glass vacuum modern, staff professional components are imported genuine leather, you can complete peace of mind when replacing the front glass touch at our center. No longer having to wait day by day to take the phone, no longer fear is of inferior quality let Audio Mobile make you satisfied when replacing the touch Lumia 950.


thay mặt kính lumia 950 The glass touch, no doubt, is a division of utmost importance of your phone. Every operation with your phone perfectly must through touch, so that when said touch Lumia 950 is one of the most important parts, it is not well to say too. This leads to each when the glass is scratched, or cracked tank, it’s not just losing the aesthetics of the phone but also hamper the experience of the user for phone. A number of manifestations of your phone when needed rather touch Lumia 950:

  • The screen is black, no picture.
  • The screen is plaid, white screen.
  • Touch app on the phone does not react, drag the app often crashed icon.
  • Paralyzed touch a point or a region on the screen.

The appearance of one or more of these expressions, then certainly you have damaged the glass touch. However, that for a touch phone like Lumia 950, it is unlikely that you will be extremely thorough while protecting the screen of the machine, but the incident collision or impact of your glass surface of the machine is damaged, it is also inevitable. A number of causes why you have to replace the front glass nokia Lumia 950:

  • Dropping the phone.
  • To screen collision with hard objects, sharp objects.
  • Sitting up the phone, or to phone is heavy overlap.
  • Just use your phone just charge the battery.
  • Use your phone when wet or when raining.

Here are just a few of the causes that phone to replace the touch Lumia 950. When the glass is scratched you can completely avoid by paste, glue, telephone, or paste tempered when buying a new. But some damaged, such as cracked tank, you can’t use precautions on be. So you need to do? The majority of probably will think simple is just buy a new phone. But this becomes impossible with some people when they decide to spend some big money again, or lack of luck more is that you damaged the front glass several times after purchasing new. So, only a reasonable solution, the most economical, is to replace the touch Lumia 950.

Note: Price does not include free mounting and warranty. If you intend to use our services, please contact us via the Hotline for a free consultation.

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650


thay mặt kính lumia 950

  1. When you take it to heart, will have the receptionist get the machine and test machine for guests.
  2. Check staff then advise on the breakdowns of machines and solutions for customers.
  3. Phone will be technical staff to check again have the ability to change the front glass Nokia or not.
  4. Staff after the inspection report with customer touch Lumia 950 price how much.
  5. If you agree Nokia repair staff will show guests sign on the hardware of the machine, to avoid swapping components.
  6. Staff will bring the machine to the technical department to repair, your device will be sanitary and paste your screen completely for free.
  7. Delivery machine to customer. You check if the machine has re-used the sensors after changing the front glass nokia Lumia 950 or not.
  8. If you have satisfied payment of the cost of service at the counter and get Giftcard discounts for repair times after.


As you know, today’s smart mobile is a popular product in the world, Vietnam is not an exception. Phone a lot it needs repairs when damaged is also increased as is evident, the pull in which the birth of countless service shops replace glass nokia Lumia 950. However, many, but the number of shops can make you complete peace of mind as to repair it there how much. Some stores even don’t care about reputation, only take into profit that uses all the components cheap money floating in the market, staff on behalf of the glass not through formal training, exert great influence on product quality after the repair. Even some stores no strict rules appear in status shuffle components of customers in the process of change touch Lumia 950. When to China Mobile you will absolutely not meet the condition above, because:

  • The reputation of the China Mobile is authenticated through 8 years of providing repair services replacement glass nokia Lumia 950 to customers. We are always proud to always be his client trust.
  • Components, accessories in China, Mobile is always imported, guaranteed to be genuine. The quality is not lost what components of the new buyer.
  • The cost of services always at the most competitive in the CITY.CITY.
  • With the squeeze technique glass modern vacuum, the process will be extremely fast not to waste your time guest.
  • The staff are trained. Much repair experience, replace the touch Lumia 950.
  • The warranty from 6 to 12 months . A a if after the repair the incident.
  • Gift Giftcard after repair at Audio Mobile. Phone will be sanitary and paste the screen free.


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Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650

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