Replacement home button iPad Air 1, 2

Service price Replacement home button iPad Air 1, 2

STT Model The home button Wire the home button
1 iPad Air 1 Contact {price}2455
2 iPad Air 2 Contact {price}2690

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Services instead of the home button iPad Air 1, 2 cheap price, high quality is services are the majority of customers use the iPad Air interested. You use iPad with high-frequency should be difficult to avoid the damaged and damaged the home button is one of the damaged such and are more susceptible to most, because the home button is a important parts for an iPad, most of the operations are happening on the home button, so it very perishable. You will feel annoyed when your iPad is damaged the home button and you want to find to now the prestigious center thanks to to help their.

Audio Mobile get:

  • Replacement home button iPad Air 1
  • Replacement home button iPad Air 2


Home button iPad Air 1, 2

Why should you get to Audio Mobile to replace the home button iPad Air 1, 2

On the market today there are many centers, repair shops Smartphone carpentry up, but not where also the service quality as the words they were advertising.

If not, may to to a the center is not reputable then you will have to be the disadvantaged, iPad after the repair quality will not be guaranteed, the guarantee at the place where this will not clear or just a warranty through the speakers, use the components of poor quality, not genuine to for guests, the more dangerous is that customers can be boiled and instead it is the components that do not or know, after a period of use, then the iPad will be damaged.

Want to find a prestigious place to change the home button iPad Air 1, 2 is not easy but also not difficult because there was a place that will help you solve problems quickly that you don’t need to worry about anything at all that is Audio Mobile.

  • Audio Mobile is proud to be a center of the most prestigious second place at the HCMC area.CITY. With over 8 years of operation in the field of repair your Smartphone, we have built a name and as well as its position.
  • Throughout time we have been the majority of customers love and trust, want to return the favor that we have always tried, efforts to create the services with best quality to serve for customers.
  • Components we use guaranteed to be genuine 100%, has passed the moderation process carefully before entering into warehouse, and have the stamp from the manufacturer.
  • Time to replace home button iPad Air 1, 2 quickly, will not take much time of the customer, the customer can sit back and wait take the commitment not retain the client when it is the fault light.
  • The iPad of customers will be guaranteed absolute safety during the repair process takes place, if during the repair process there occurs any errors from the center, we would like a change a components for you.
  • Special price at the center is quite reasonable, because we always give the most competitive price to serve for guests, customers just relieved that use services that don’t need to worry anything about the price.

=> Note: To be known exactly instead of the home button iPad Air 1, 2 price and how much need support about other services, please contact our Hotline: 09.6900.690


Audio Mobile is always ready to serve you

Cause you have to change the home button iPad Air 1, 2 new

  • You dropped the iPad makes the circuit in the iPad is short circuit led to the home button damaged
  • your iPad has been used for years and it has been aging, the functionality of the iPad increasingly deteriorated and no longer works well anymore in that the home button is a department most typical
  • You use the home button with high frequency, the this affect the home button, after some time it leads to the home button will no longer sensitive anymore or completely no longer be used
  • You accidentally dropped your iPad into water, the circuitry in the iPad will be short circuit led to the damage and have to replace the home button iPad Air 1, 2 quickly
  • Due to main on iPad is faulty and makes the home button not able to perform the functions of it.

Though for encounter condition, how much work need to do at this time it is to fix this bug quickly so that it does not affect the other parts and to relieve the discomfort in you. Come right with China Mobile to we check out bug free and give the best solutions for customers.

The process of replacing home button for iPad Air 1, 2 in China Mobile

  • The customer brought the machine to the center is the staff check for errors and listen to the needs and questions of customers
  • Customers are the employees answer questions and offer solutions to fix error quick quotes for services that customers choose to use
  • Customer agrees to use the service, then the machine is transferred to the technical department to proceed to unplug the machine and start the process of fixing iPad
  • Before starting the repair process, the customer will be signed up the component’s genuine to not happen the interchangeable components of guest
  • Start the process of changing the home button iPad Air 1, 2 fast, clear, transparent. Customers can observe the process of repair of the technicians through the camera at the center, as if wishing
  • After the end repair process, the technician will check the machine again this has been fixed yet, if there is no other error, the machine was sent back to the customer
  • Customers get back to your computer from the employee, check out his machine and payment free when were pleased about the service
  • Customers expect to receive a warranty with the attractive incentives that the center brings.

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650


Repair centre mobile Audio Mobile

If the customer is wishing to change the home button iPad Air 1, 2 , genuine, cheap, come right with China Mobile. We will check the error for you and replacement is fast and of high quality. When you come to us you will not need to worry about anything at all, and the commitment you will be satisfied.

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