Replacement screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ

Service price Replacement screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ

STT Model Name Screen
1 LG V30 {price}3321
2 V30S ThinQ Contact
3 LG V30 Plus {price}3570

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

You are need to find a prestigious center to change the screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ? Audio Mobile is the right choice for you. With a team of technicians skilled in the repair industry telephone equipment and modern machinery, we are confident completely can help you to regain the perfect state original for screen LG phones V30, V30S ThinQ of you.


Super product LG V30

Cause you have to change the screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ

There are many causes that lead to damage the phone screen, but still the most popular due to the yet in the process of use of the user. Here are the main reasons that you need to know:

  • Due to errors from the manufacturer, this case very rarely occurs, when this is the case, you should bring the machine to the warranty center to exchange or replace new screen.
  • Parts IC source of the phone is damaged and the Mainboard is damaged, will also lead to the error of the screen.
  • After a long time of use, a few components related to the screen is damaged.
  • Due to the phone near the places where there are sources of strong heat, high humidity or your computer falls into the water, causing pixels on the screen is impacted.
  • User for general telephone with the other items in the bag without the leather cover.
  • Because users are not careful to fall, resulting in collision with the sharp.
  • Users are not to sit on, lie on or lean heavily into the phone screen can also lead to the condition to change the screen LG V30.

The screen the Smartphone is now commonly composed by 3 layers: the glass (Glass), Touch Screen (Touch Screen) and display (LCD). In the machining process, the production of components will be pressed into a coherent mass known as screen Full the set. Therefore, depending on the level of damage of the screen that we have the remedy different such as replacement glass, replacement or touch screen replacement Full set. If you find your screen broken, screen color is smudged, cracked glass but still showing is photos, touch functions still used to be normal, then you just take the machine away on behalf of new glasses is is. If appearance add condition screen the phone is disorders or paralysis touch, then you need to change more touch.

You are required to change the screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ in the following cases

+ Phone screen is smearing the ink at one or more points leads to not seeing anything but a black.

+ The screen is dark, display function, blurry.

+ The screen has signs of interference, is reflective cause eyestrain difficulty seeing.

+ Phone screen appearance of plaid or black spots, white bright.

+ Worst case the screen is dead does not show up to be.


Phone LG V30

Three note before you go and change the screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ

1. Determine the level of damage of your phone.

First, you need to check out damaged screen, your phone have hardware failure does not. Determining the true state of disrepair of the phone screen also help you put out remedy, the most logical such if the glass of your phone is broken, crushed, but the other functions still operate normally, you just replace the front glass will help you save a sum of money is not small compared with the carrying machine go and change the Full screen set.

2. Be careful of tricks of some repair shop.

Currently, the phone market in general and service replacement screen LG phone V30 and V30S ThinQ in particular is rated as highly competitive, so to survive sustainability is required the center to enhance the quality and credibility of its.

However, still there are no little shops, small retail, do business in a “capture shock”, taking advantage of the trust and the lack of understanding the product information of the customer to profit.

Guise of the store, this original is often devalued, repair quotes, lower than the market a lot in order to attract customers, as has the trust of customers, and then they use every trick to hook the money of the clients as: replacement screen with accessories cheap, poor quality to customers.

Significantly more patients to increase the cost of repair, even there are cases of swapping components and “boil” of the customer. It’s the downright dirty, and worthy of condemnation.

3. Center selection replacement screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ reputation.

The selection was center, reputation repair, have properties important decision. Not only help our customers more peace of mind that the quality of repair in such places is usually very good and prices are extremely reasonable.

Usually the center legitimate, strictly will be the main sales policy and warranty extremely beneficial for customers because they trust really on the qualifications and reputation of yourself.

In Ho Chi Minh city should replace the phone screen, LG V30, V30S ThinQ now?


If you’re in Ho Chi Minh city and your phone screen, you are experiencing the problem of broken, then don’t hesitate, take it right to Audio Mobile to free advice or support replacement screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ. Audio Mobile is the only phone repair credibility, get the absolute trust of hundreds of customers on the city because:

  • All repair services of China Mobile always rated as having the best cost ho chi minh CITY.HCM
  • Staff enthusiastic, fun. The space is decorated science create feel as comfortable as at home for clients.
  • Technicians skilled workmanship, application systems, machinery and modern technology guarantee the precision to every mi-li-meters for repair service, the customer’s phone.
  • Components service for the repair, replacement is guaranteed genuine quality standard by the China Mobile have checks quality components extremely rigorous before replacement screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ for customers.
  • When repair the phone in China, Mobile customers will not have to spend much time waiting because we have a team of staff and really dedicated to his job.
  • Repair procedure of the center transparent; clear. Every stitch fix has camera tracking and the direct supervision of the customer.
  • After repair, customers receive a warranty long-lasting, most beneficial because we completely trust in the quality of its services.

Audio Mobile is pleased to be of service and help you change the screen LG V30, V30S ThinQ!

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