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STT Model Name Front glass touch Screen
1 Nokia X2 {price}356 {price}393

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

You are in need of replacement screen Nokia X2 new of the current screen are having problems? Bar China Mobile specializes in providing replacement service screen, glass touch for most of the Nokia phone series today. To find a place that can help you change the phone screen is not difficult at the present time but to find a centre customers can have peace of mind and satisfaction is not always possible to find. This can cause customer trouble, ago series the repair center or feel insecure when changing a screen in it.

Audio Mobile with long experience in the field of phone repair mobile will help you solve that problem. Issues related to change screen Nokia X2 of you will quickly be resolved with parts, technicians with rich experience in China Mobile. For advice support the bugs related to please contact for us by number phone support fast 0909.650.650 the consultant of the China Mobile will answer questions to help customers.

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The case to replace the screen Nokia X2

During use there are many factors that you have to change screen Nokia X2. The aesthetics of the phone and experience when using will encounter influence once the screen of your Nokia phone to malfunction by the main screen is the gateway to communicate only between the user and the device. Following we will briefly introduce the structure of the screen Nokia X2 for you to understand better:

  • The glass outer protective tasked with keeping the touch screen and display side in safety before the impact of the environment and the outside.
  • The touch screen is receiving the signal, the command of the customer to the processing center to perform the request.
  • Display AMOLED display the visual image for customers to look by eye.

Before replacing the screen Nokia X2, you the customer need to determine is the phone of the customer is damaged in parts, how to decide to replace. We statistics the case of error, screen phone Nokia X2 below for your reference.

Case 1: If the glass is broken but the screen still display normal and you can still use touch, you just have to have to replace the glass only.

Case 2: Even if your device fall into a number of status errors related to touch, such as: disorders of touch, paralysis of part or the entire touch function you must change more the touch screen.

Case 3: In case of screen phone Nokia X2 appearance of the signs: is dark, is reflective, there are streaks of spots and stripes on screen, dark screen, gradually or not, you have to replace the whole phone screen new fix all errors.

In addition there are a few errors arising during the use of which has not fall down, but the need to replace the screen Nokia X2 such as:

  • The screen can’t display, dark screen, black
  • Touch press do not eat, is disorders touch, death touch
  • The screen appears the stripes horizontal or vertical, can be more or less depending on the case.
  • The appearance of the stain patchy on the screen.
  • The appearance of dead spots on the screen leads to visibility reduction cause discomfort.

Case screen phone Nokia X2 of you having the error other than described above, please contact the hotline of China Mobile 0909.650.650 to be supported. If you are located near the center of our please bring your device to to be technician examination and advice absolutely free.

 Thanh Trung Mobile thay màn hình điện thoại Nokia X2 Audio Mobile screen phone Nokia X2

Audio Mobile locations change screen Nokia X2 ideal.

With experience repairing phones many years Audio Mobile very understand you desire your clients every time your phone having problems. Because of this, throughout the years we have not stopped trying to improve the quality of service, to bring customers the most amazing experience. When to change new screen Nokia X2 at the Bar Mobile, you will be:

  • Enjoy a dedicated service and professional
  • Technicians receive the machine, check carefully the level of damage to bring the optimal solution to change screen Nokia X2 for customer.
  • Change screen power phone Nokia X2 price cheapest ho chi minh CITY.
  • Be directly supervised the entire process of replacement of staff.
  • Parts replacement screen is genuine, good quality.
  • Time to replace the screen quickly, taking no more than 60 minutes.
  • Customers are long warranty, when changing a new screen at the center.
  • In addition, when changing screen Nokia X2 in Audio Mobile you also check and cleaning Free, have the opportunity to participate in a number of promotions extremely attractive.

Bar China Mobile will screen Nokia X2 how?

With the desire to serve customers in the best way Audio Mobile non-stop development of the branch of the centers across the country. Besides, we continuously improve work processes to bring our customers an effective service, quality, saving time, optimizing costs.

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650

trung-tam-sua-chua-di-dong-thanh-trung-mobile Repair services professional at China Mobile

Step 1: reception of the center, will welcome, listen to the request of customer.

Step 2: You will be technical staff present status the phone screen of customers and take the optimal solution. If you agree with our solution given the technical who will bring a new screen for you to check out.

Step 3: Staff will write a receipt of the customers and put the device into the technical room.

Step 4: Technical progress screen replacement for Nokia X2 (in the process of replacing you can into the technical department to wait)

Step 5: After changing finished, the technician will test the machine before delivery to the client to check last

Step 6: After the customer check and test success the features. The center will conduct a written warranty and delivery to the client. To save time, please refer to the address of the center of the Central Mobile to choose for themselves the nearest center. You have any queries or questions that need to be answered related screen Nokia X2 please directly contact the hotline of China Mobile to be private still free.

Customers can view more at this service, change the screen Nokia X and Nokia XL of us.

Bar China Mobile sincerely thank you for the reference service screen replacement Nokia X2 our. Bar China Mobile is very pleased to serve you.

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