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Service price Replacement screen Samsung C7

STT Model Name On behalf of glass Replacement screen
1 Samsung Galaxy C7 {price}2949 {price}3553

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

You are needs screen replacement Samsung C7 but haven’t found a reliable address, huh? Go to the right Bar Mobile CITY.

We are committed to change screen Samsung C7 cheapest price, best quality, repair time is always the fastest.

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650


Components the main screen Samsung C7 genuine at China Mobile

Replacement screen Samsung C7 in any case?

Is considered a super food worth buying in the segment, pov premium design with metal frame and glass front and rear, luxury Samsung C7 is miniature version of the Note 5.

However, the main chic design is the weak point of the machine when that plus a huge screen to 5.7″, the grip fall down to replace screen Samsung C7 happen often.

The same synthesized a number of common causes, here:

  • Users careless dropped the phone down hard, flat surface, causing broken screen serious.
  • Put in the environment with too much moisture, leading to short circuit fire circuit to change the screen Samsung Galaxy C7.
  • Due to the fault of the manufacturer – this happens rarely
  • Is swapping components, poor quality in the repair times ago is also one of the causes replacement screen Samsung C7 downloads.

These are more common cause other more however the above are the reasons that many people encounter most. You need advice about condition damage and repair measures. Please call:

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650


Images Samsung C7 elegance and class

The process of replacing screen Samsung C7 at Audio Mobile

Step 1: reception get the error from the customer and preparation of stock test.

Step 2: technicians check the status of damaged and consulting services replacement screen Samsung C7 for customers.

Step 3: You agree to repair will sign up components, technicians put the machine into repair area.

Step 4: Proceed to screen Samsung, the steps taken in detail from dissection, facial, glasses, remove the related components will be delivered directly to the LCD screen to track clients.

Step 5: Complete the process of changing the screen Galaxy C7, you get the machine, examine in detail the function again.

Step 6: Staff stamp the warranty card, recording of votes results donate and send the machine for customers.

thay-mạn-hinh-samsung-c7-1 Repair procedure follow directly at China Mobile


  • Open Mobile will not warranty if you do tear or warranty stamp erased
  • Warranty commitment for 3-6 months components when changing screen Samsung C7
  • Refund 100% of the cost of repair if you detect counterfeit components.

Please reference information: replacement front glass touch Samsung Galxy C7 cheap price CITY

Special rights of customers when changing the screen Samsung C7 at Audio Mobile

In addition to the influence on service quality the best, customers of the Chinese Mobile also receive the special deals below:

  1. Repair time Samsung quickly just from 60-90 minutes.
  2. Gift card worth 50k when using any one service at the Bar.
  3. Card purchase worth $ 100k when you buy the phone at Happy Mobile.

Also many of these deals more attractive is waiting for you. Any questions about the replacement screen Samsung C7 is how much please contact:

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650

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