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* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

Replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Fold now in Hanoi & ho chi minh CITY? Price replacement screen Samsung Fold, how much? Address any repair replacement screen Samsung credits cheap?

To right with repair center phone Bar Mobile help remedy the situation yellowed, faded stripes, trimmer, paralysis touch, blur color…

So, the causes leading to the status change screen Samsung Galaxy Fold is due now? Identification signs to screen new Samsung. The answer lies in the article below, read the article offline.

Causes that lead to screen replacement Samsung Galaxy Fold

Screen is parts relatively easy to damage with the basic signs denote the error devices like the touch is slow, paralysis induction, open in the morning, roan color, dead spots appear on the surface of the equipment… In the process of using, there are quite many different causes can lead to this condition such as:


  • Regularly drop your phone or for the phone to impact with the surface, grainy, coarse, such as the floor, the floor…
  • Preserve the phone in a damp environment, near heat sources, sources of chemicals that the screen is deformed.
  • Time use the screen long days and user has not performed properly and hygiene according to the standard process is also very easy to damage the screen.

Identification signs need replacement screen Samsung Fold zin new

  • Screen Samsung Galaxy Fold is yellowed, stained black.
  • Appears the stain horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, stripes faded on the computer screen.
  • Screen Samsung Fold interference, shock, infection from.
  • Touch Samsung Fold is disorders, paralysis, jerky lag even a few points are death touch.
  • Screen there appeared streaks of white.
  • Could not adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • Screen Samsung Galaxy Fold is shaded, smudge-free color.
  • The screen flashes constantly, picture is not crisp, stable.
  • Have cracks, broken, appear on the computer screen.

Service information replacement screen Samsung Fold

Replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the support services superiority bring effective repair to top for customers when encountering status screen. With cause of error from components, replacement screen help terminate radical expressions such as searing touch, rippling color, dead spots or open in the morning phone… After replacing screen, phone use completely normal with longevity durable, more lasting.

However, to assure effective repair, the user should focus on the selection of component types screen genuine origin, information origin clear, comes with warranty policy correct according to regulations of the carrier. Check the screen surface flat, no signs of deformation, scratching, rubbing, or damaged, at the same time check effect anti-scratch, anti-bumps will help to ensure efficient use of screen components anal repair.

Bar China Mobile – reliable Choice of every customer


Is one of the repair address, telephone quality, the past years, Thanh Trung Mobile always do not stop efforts to develop comprehensive infrastructure and quality services to meet the demand of the consumers. Come to our center, our customers will enjoy the deals surprises.

Most prominent in the center is human resources high quality professional training and have many years of experience in the field of repair. Staff are conscientious, enthusiastic and flexible support for customers in all services. Repair procedure public, apparently, according to common standards to ensure optimum performance.

Not only that, the center also has a policy long warranty helps customers peace of mind use the services. With many deals, after-sales attractive, the program reduced regular price for loyal customers, be sure that the China Mobile will be repair options perfect phone for consumers.

The commitment of the Chinese Mobile service replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Audio Mobile commitment absolute publicity about the price of products/ services, do not have the status hack and slash or customer reviews.
  • Repair procedure is completely public and transparent commitment no swapping components on the guest device.
  • Warranty policy from 3 to 12 months for each type of components are used to replace and repair with the support totally free.
  • The source components standard genuine, is imported from abroad and going through the process strictly tested to ensure quality before use for the repair services at the center.

Customer ratings of center

You Nguyen Thanh, a customer of China Mobile, said: “the service here is very professional, enthusiastic staff, was final with the customer. Special peace of mind about the source components do have paper menu clear all”.

Sister Phuong, come from Da Nang City said: “I just casually introduce friends to edit Samsung phone broken screen but very impressed with operation process, professional at the center. All steps are public, clear, help me greater peace of mind when using the service”.


The questions and basic answers

Here are few basic questions that consumers often take out when encountering the error condition, broken screen and wishing to use the service replacement phone.

Question: Replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Fold can cause damage to components?

Screen is parts almost separate from other parts of the bracket phone so risk of damage is not high. You can have peace of mind with skilled employees at China Mobile, certainly will not affect the equipment.

Question: the process of replacing screen Samsung Galaxy Fold?

First, the staff member will unscrew the screw fixed to the frame of your phone, then uninstall socket screen out of the bracket frame. At this time, use the tools dedicated remove the old screen error and use the new screen replaced in the original position. Once done, staff will make mounting the device according to the original process.

Replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Fold is the top choice of consumers when device errors occur corrupted. Hope that through this article you read had the look more comprehensive for peace of mind use the repair service at this Elegant Mobile!

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