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Replacement screen Samsung Note Fe (Samsung Note 7)

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Price and warranty from 100,000 VND - 450,000 VND depending on the model, machine, and area. Please contact

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Service price Replacement screen Samsung Note Fe (Samsung Note 7)

Model Price
Replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Note FE full set (gold,silver) Liên hệ
Replacement screen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Note FE full sets (blue,black) 2.450.000 ₫

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiNghe An, Binh Duong)

Samsung Note Fe (Samsung Galaxy Note 7) is one of the smartphone is widely believed. So need to find service screen replacement galaxy Note Fe credits cheap are many people interested.

In the process of use the screen suddenly damaged and you don’t know what to do, don’t know repair where it prestigious? Bar China Mobile repair address Samsung reputable, good quality in ho chi minh CITY, Ha Noi and Da Nang. It offers repair services directly get connected during the day, the problem will be remedied immediately.

In the past 10 years, Thanh Trung Mobile constantly improve to serve customers better. To many existing customers known and used services at the center. Today we will solve for you the problem related to the replacement screen Samsung Note Fe (Samsung Galaxy Note 7).

When to replace a screen Samsung Note Fe?

Damaged screen is often caused to the customer by a lot of reasons. If not handled timely will light affect plant. The majority of the reasons appear that the carelessness of the user. Here are some causes and signs get to know that you need to pay attention:

  • Dropped phone on the ground, the screen bumps with a hard surface causes cracking the front glass, touch paralysis, not sensitive.

Screen Samsung Note Fe (Note 7) broken glass, paralysis touch

  • Accidentally dropping your phone down the water affect the components screen inside. At this time on the screen can appear the spots disfiguring.
  • Leave the phone near a heat source, causing the screen distortion.
  • Screen white, can’t adjust light.
  • Touch freeze, paralysis, disorder, touch, lag-lag power can not continue to use, it is necessary, is to replace the new screen.
  • Images no longer display, realistic, sharp, or is blinking, the appearance of streaks, stains yellow stains black.
  • Screen dead touch a point or many points, shaded, smudge-free color.
  • ‘ve replaced components but quality and address poor reputation should be only after a short time use, the screen back damaged.

How to distinguish the screen when going to repair

On the popular market there are 3 types of screen:

  • Screen zin new 100% genuine: Is the screen genuine free Apple production, highest quality, youngest paralyzed, paralyzed, or dead touch screen, there are white opaque
  • Screen zin pressed glass: good quality, inferior screen, zin a little bit of in the process of use-scratches, should be pressed against the glass outside. Visibility as well as same color screen, zin 100%, depending material pressed glass screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Screen lot, fake: durability is quite poor, prone to freeze, paralysis, arrhythmia induction, the anti-sticking fingerprint less fragile when subjected to impact. Color is not as the screen of zin which can be white blue.

Distinguished screen, Zin and the plot through the rippling of small water drops on the screen

To distinguish the screen zin you need to note some of the following characteristics:

  • The screen has sharp design, meticulous the screen surface flat, often transparent and has opaque white light.
  • There is a structural circuit bright yellow due to be plated should be in the exposed parts with main rather than color, such as the type of screen fake.
  • Screen zin will have bright colors, crisp images, without blur. So when the test machine can get out of the screen, zin and screen fake.
  • Test thoroughly, touch screen watch, there sensitivity no point death touch does not? The easiest way is to move 1 icon around the screen to check.

Why need to choose a prestigious address to repair?

When changing the phone screen need to choose a prestigious address to obtain quality, best service and guarantee the rights of customers when used. Currently on the market appear more center repair the phone. To choose is prestigious place to note some points as follows:

  • Prestigious center will have to address, contact information, clear, transparent, publicly available on the Website or the forum the social network is known to many people.
  • Parts replacement screen must have origin, full papers, also stamp labels full. Technical staff of skilled professional, trained to ensure high of best corrected.
  • Prices must be public and regular updates to customers to keep track of.
  • There warranty policy and the commitment to problem in case there are risks in the process of replacing.

The process of replacing the screen Note 7 to the fact how?

After the customer has agreed with the project repair and the transfer machine for the engineering department, let’s refer to the process of replacing screen Samsung Note Fe real:

  • Step 1: technicians check the back screen of the machine, check the function, then power off the machine to disconnect the power supply from the battery goes to the components.
  • Step 2: Place the back face of the machine machine separator glass to soften the glue.
  • Step 3: Use 1 piece of plastic separating the screen and glue dedicated to proceed to remove the back cover of the Note 7.
  • Step 4: Remove the screws fixed to the frame machine, remove the cap from the wireless charger.
  • Step 5: Put the screen into the autoclave, heat for 30 seconds. Then remove turn the battery and main out of the rib machine.
  • Step 6: Remove the old screen needs replacing out of the rib machine. This step is important and takes a lot of time by not easily softened and separated layer of glue Zin of the machine. Then proceed to the toilet before the layer of glue left on the frame machine.

As if Samsung phone Note Fe your broken glass but touch still works well, then just pressed glass. At this time it is necessary to clean all the glue on the frame borders the screen. Then will move on to stage, forced, glasses.

In the pressed glass, this will need to machine separate glass, only glass cutting dedicated to separate layers of glass was broken out of the screen.


Then need to clean off layers of old glue on LCD panels of the screen with a clean paper towel and glue hygiene for professional use. Continue to use paper towel clean the entire glue in 4 edge screen of the machine.

Next, need to check display and touch screen.


Proceed steaming glass glue in about 10 minutes -> Juice glass on the screen -> Cleaning foam air screen in 15 minutes.

  • Step 7: Replace the screen Zin new to the machine frame, the previous need to paste the back of the gasket. Then re-attach the battery, main, the back cover of the machine.
  • Step 8: Test re-touch display for the new screen, check the screen has dead spots not. For with phone Samsung Note Fe, you can check when enter *#0*#

The advantage injection technology screen vacuum at China Mobile

Process laminating glass, replacement screen Samsung in the Chinese Mobile use 3 types of main machine, that is: The cup size, machine vacuum and steamer monitor, with many advantages.

  • Safe, accurate, no errors or problems after replacing screen.
  • The repair process quickly only about 45 – 60 minutes is that customers can get the right back.
  • The quality of the screen after changing the good. Components screen new, 100% genuine, no dirt.
  • Still have a few cases of peeling the glue bubbling. However, you do not worry, this is 2 error is warranty permanent at China Mobile.

Why you should repair your phone in China Mobile?

Commitment to service instead of phone screen Samsung Note Fe (Samsung Galaxy Note 7) at Thanh Trung Mobile:

  • Quality components: Audio Mobile is base reputation so you rest assured about the quality of the screen replacement. Here we use components derived clear, genuine 100% and are tested strictly before put into use.

Screen Samsung Note Fe Zin new main genuine

  • About the price: service replacement screen here always ensure preferential rates compared to market. No condition raise the price, lower the price components.
  • About time to replace: Thanks to the support of the system of machinery and modern technology, so the replacement process is quick, customers can wait in air-conditioned rooms follow the process of replacement through the camera is installed available only after about 1 hour that can get the right.
  • Limited warranty: With the replacement components, the center has the warranty from 3 – 12 months. In warranty period, if the screen has any problem due to shops, it will be solved for free.

Frequently asked questions of customers when changing the screen Samsung Note Fe

Time to replace screen Samsung Note Fe is how long?

Answer: For curved screen spills contours of the Samsung Note Fe, time replace or pressed glass will be from 3 – 5 hours.

After replacing the screen, the machine is also resistant to water?

Answer: Because in the process of replacing screen, the machine has to be hygienic and paste back gasket should remain water resistant. But of course won’t be as good as the original.

Why change screen you need to remove the other components such as the main, battery?

Answer: In the process of replacing the screen and pressed glass, there are used to the heat source from the separation of the glass should need to remove the battery to avoid causing fire and explosion. Also remove the main to protect the IC on it is not dead.