Replacement screen Sony Z, Z4v

Service price Replacement screen Sony Z, Z4v

STT Name components Screen
1 Sony Z/ LT36/ C6602/ C6603 {price}1540
2 Sony Xperia Z1 {price}1545
3 Sony Xperia Z1 Mini / Compact {price}1546
4 Sony Xperia Z1, S/ Z1 T-MOBILE {price}1547
5 Sony Xperia Z2 {price}1587
6 Sony Xperia Z3 {price}1550
7 Sony Xperia Z3V {price}1551
8 Sony Xperia Z3 Mini / Compact {price}1552
9 Sony Xperia ZR/C5502 {price}1542
10 Sony Xperia Z Ultra/ LT39/C6802 {price}1541
11 Sony Xperia Z4V {price}2983
12 Line other machine Contact

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select other areain Ho Chi MinhBa Ria-VTNghe An, Binh Duong)

You are in need of replacement screen Sony Z, Z4v, you worry need to find address repair, replacement screen, GENUINE, PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION, TAKE the RIGHT. Shop Elegant Mobile is the only reliable repair for you.

Mobile manufacturer Sony is always appreciated in Vietnam market. The appearance of the Smartphone Sony Xperia Z, Z4v has really attracted customers of all ages. The most unique of the Sony Xperia Z, Z4v is have the water resistance is directly continuous to 30 minutes.

Also Sony always makes users satisfied on the factors such as design, healthy and luxury, camera conquer the darkness, battery,… Xperia Z, Z4v is a mobile phone with beautiful design, high-end finishing and quality, it is not debatable.


Characteristics screen Sony Xperia Z, Z4v

The screen of the phone line Sony recently have advances outstanding and on the Sony Xperia Z also has quite a lot more than the Android Sony ago. Screen reach 5″, Full HD resolution gives us sharper images, vivid, no visible pixels anywhere and experience really great.

However, the color and brightness of Xperia Z only at a decent level, not beautiful and brilliant like the phone has excellent screen as the iPhone 5, or HTC One X. Sony can bring the screen more beautiful up their phone. About the hardware, then lacing the screen on the Xperia Z is also quite thicker than the other modern.

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Signs, the case arrived at the time you need to change screen Sony xperia Z, Z4v

+ Screen, Sony Xperia Z, Z4v appearance of streaks of horizontal stripes vertical, or the blip on the screen.

+ Touch phone was listed, at is at not be.

+ Phone screen is black not showing is images.

+ User dropping the phone into water, humidity IC source is also causes the phone screen does not display be images. Or phone Sony bearing strong impact broke the screen.

On this is the user error often encountered. Way only remedy is replacement screen Sony Xperia Z, Z4v. But not everyone knows how to distinguish screen Sony zin good quality or screen Sony fake, of poor quality.

Currently on the market there are 3 types of screen are in common use: curtain, zin 100%, the screen zin pressed glass, and screen plots, fake.

  • Screen zin genuine produced by Sony, the quality as good as the screen comes up the machine at first, ensure the ability to display images, smooth touch.
  • Screen zin pressed glass is the screen is pressed add 1 layer of glass outside due to the process of using such broken should be pressed more glass. Quality screen zin pressed glass is almost absolute.
  • Screen plots are kind of a screen floating in the market, of unknown origin, the price is definitely cheaper screen zin produced by Sony but the quality is poor. Touch and visibility poor image, colors not right.title=”man-hinh-sony-z-copy”>phone Screen sony xperia z, z4v

How to distinguish screen Sony zin or fake?

Simple way to the user can distinguish is test by the collection of drops of water. A small drop of water on the phone screen. If the water is not patchy out of the drip li ti is the screen zin. Conversely, drops of water rippling out into many streaks is the screen plot.

Technical change screen Sony Xperia Z Z4v is technically difficult, requiring technicians are highly skilled, and tool replacement repair professional. We advise you, if you need to replace the screen, look to the repair center phone a professional to get help.

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Why customers trust the service change screen Sony xperia Z, Z4v at the system outlet of the China mobile?

Thanh Trung Mobile center phone repair professional, with over 8 years development in the industry, and has served tens of thousands of customers each year the location is worth to you “decide to”.

+ Committed to use only components zin genuine to change screen Sony Xperia Z Z4v.

+ The process of replacing the screen using injection technology screen vacuum today’s most advanced. Be done by technicians skilled, modern machinery.

+ Lifetime warranty bubble glue, foam, and gas for the products.

+ Committed to REFUND 100% if you are not satisfied with service replacement screen Sony Xperia Z Z4v of us.

+ Not only that, we also check and clean the machine totally free for you. Thousands of deals, deals for the customer when using any services of us.

Price, service, replacement screen, glass touch always the cheapest on the market. Prices are updated weekly to match the users needs.

Clients are monitored the entire process of modify, the screen should be completely peace of mind without fear boil.

thay man hinh sony Z, z4v

Components screen genuine, process, change, edit, transparent, clear

The process of replacing screen Sony Xperia Z Z4v at China Mobile

B1: consultant receive from the client, receiving description information of customers of air condition, damaged condition screen.

B2: Check the machine, determine the cause of the error screen, take the repair, replacement screen most optimal for the customer.

B3: Informed price replacement screen Sony Xperia Z Z4v for customers, if customer agrees, proceed to sign up components.

B4: conduct replacement screen Sony Xperia Z Z4v technology pressed screen vacuum:

+ Cup, glass: Made by machine separate glass exquisitely accurate absolute quickly.

+ Pressed glass: technology, automatic molding, used machinery, be sure and ensure high quality.

+ Engaging screen: In the vacuum environment, to ensure absolute no dirt, no bubbling, no gas.

B5: the handover to the customer, written warranty, commitment, and proceed to payment costs.

Policy details warranty when replacing the screen Sony Xperia Z

  • Change new screen for you in the first 7 days.
  • Warranty screen new in 1->12 months.
  • You can go to the branch of China Mobile nationwide to warranty the machine.

Audio Mobile the desire to bring repair services best replacement for the customer. We look forward to can help more customers. Help customers peace of mind when experiencing the unwanted incidents. Opening hours of the center from 9h – 20h work all the days of the week. thay màn hình sony z, z4v Thanh Trung Mobile – phone repair, tablet

Every detail please contact us by phone number


Thank you for your interest in the service change screen sony xperia z in our. Hope you will feel satisfied with your mobile phone.

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