Screen replacement LG G2 F320 D908

Table service prices Replace screen LG G2 F320 D908

STT Model Name Screen The glass
1 LG G2 F320/D908/VS980/D802 {price}265 {price}240


* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Audio Mobile professional screen replacement, phone lines , especially screen replacement LG G2 F320, D908. Screen replacement LG G2 F320, cheap genuine, by the advanced equipment, guarantee the customer to change will feel satisfied about our services. To the center you will be directly follow the process, which is check the components before deciding to replace.

A few information about phone LG G2

Phone LG G2 F320, D908 unique in design, strong in configuration, is one of the smartphone lie genuine, genuine and high levels of LG. This prove why phone LG G2 F320, D908 is the smartphone’s best-selling LG, although the price belonging to the high-end segment.


Screen replacement phone LG G2 genuine

(Price may change depending on the time that we can not timely updates, please contact with sales staff to get the best quotes)

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Phone although there are high and holy to the extent how also not escape damage. Especially the screen, are the parts most vulnerable. Screen LG G2 ultra thin and ultra light are highlights of this line of equipment. Screen technology true HD-IPS LCD 5.2″, Full HD. Wide screen ensures a great experience for users, but also the cons for the device are prone to breakage when force impact strength.

The common errors need to replace screen LG G2

+ Screen, LG G2 error, black screen, no display is images although you have to turn the power off to reboot.

+ Screen, lg g2 appear in horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, chip, display picture is blurry, color is misleading.

+ The screen is mottled, rippling ink flow ink when phone LG G2 resistant 1 impact force is too strong up the screen causing bugs dead pixel series. Need to replace screen LG G2 genuine to ensure food quality.

+ The screen is dark at the corner or golden screen is also the phenomenon often occurs on phone LG G2

+ Screen, LG G2 lost signal displayed image, appears the same error, need to change the screen LG G2 or pressed the screen LG G2 D908.

+ The screen is broken. With the signs on at the beginning will not affect the machine but as to afghanistan will affect other parts, directly affects the user’s experience.

Machine screen LG G2 advanced technology

You need to find out the cause damage the screen LG G2 to change the screen LG G2?

+ Connection error between mainboar and socket that causes the screen LG G2 not showing is images. Socket have the task of transmitting information from the mainboard to the screen. Socket broken or loose connection with the main that causes the above phenomenon. Screen replacement LG G2 is how to fix

+ Due to broken copper wire connection between the chip’s socket and led screens to appear striped fish chip horizontal and vertical all over the screen. Screen replacement LG G2 genuine, in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang.

+ Fire led bulb is the cause of phenomenon dark corner of the screen. Structure curved screen, bo in the corner is cause the led in the corner or fire damaged most

+ The screen is jerky lag, so the machine is running too many apps, RAM work overload. Off less the app does not use to improve the working performance of the machine

+ Phenomena-screen phone lg g2 is stain, water spots, so people used the water to soak into the side of the screen. To long-day water-oxidizing the wire connection.


Technician Audio Mobile screen separator phone

You are nervous, find address screen replacement LG G2 quality reputation?

How to distinguish screen LG G2 top quality and screen plots of poor quality?

Based on the code the serial number printed on the left corner of the screen. Each link event, a screen are code só series, separate each code number serri this would fit with the series. With respect to the link conditions zin genuine letters and the code number of this series are clear, crisp and no disproportion.

Test by the collection of drops of water. This approach is very simple and everyone can do it. Although not need to have in-depth knowledge about the phone. 1 small drops of water on the phone screen. If water drops does not break out into small droplets li ti proved screen zin, good quality. For screen plots of poor quality, should ensure collecting the water drops.

By 2 simple ways on the you can easily distinguish the quality of screen zin or plots. These errors it is mandatory you have to change the screen to be able to be used normally.

So, the services replace screen LG G2 now to ensure the quality, credibility and service.

The process of replacing the screen phone LG G2 in Thanh Trung mobile

Step 1: Get the client machine, check the overall machine phone LG G2 launched schemes repair

Step 2: Proceed to remove the broken screen carefully by equipment support.

Step 3: sanitary machine, paste glue. Replace screen LG G2

Step 4: Test screen and then delivered to the client

Step 5: Paste the stamps. remember the warranty card, charging the resulting screen replacement LG G2 F320

Warranty policy and commitment when changing screen LG G2 F320

  • 1 1 change within 01 months from the date of change new
  • Not be responsible when customers voluntarily removed
  • Warranty 06 months at all stores ant woods Mobile nationwide
  • Home screen maker. New 100%
  • Quick-change. Get now.
  • Customer can directly see the technical staff, screen replacement LG G2 F320
  • Gift GiftCard discount for all services at the store.

The service repair phone LG other reference here


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