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STT Model Name Screen The glass
1 LG Nexus 5 {price}284 {price}226
2 LG Nexus 5X {price}2241 {price}2242

* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Although the reviews have durability quite high but the status have to change the screen LG Nexus 5X still happen because in the process of use the user is too careless to phone is bumps. The general mentality of many users when the phone screen is broken-is looking for a center to repair and the cheaper the better.

However, that employment data was properly completely? and before you go and change the new screen for phone users should understand the information?…If you still fret before these problems, then please pay attention follow this article it will help you answer these important questions on.

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Why do we have to change the screen LG Nexus 5X

There are many causes leading to damaged screen mobile phone LG Nexus 5X, below is a list of the common reason why screen is malfunctioning:

  • By users unfortunately do fall machine, making machine, impact with the sharp.
  • User accidentally set the machine in places where there is heat source or too wet.
  • User profile Italian, sitting or lying, spleen strong up the screen in sleep.
  • Due to the components related to the damaged screen after a long time use.
  • Parts IC source and Mainboard of the phone is broken can also cause error damaged of the phone screen.
  • The last reason happens very rarely, it is due to the fault of the manufacturer. For this particular case, you should bring the machine to the warranty center of LG to change or replace screen LG Nexus, 5X new.

Screen LG Nexus 5X is composed by 3 main components, which are:

  • Face lens phone LG Nexus 5X: placed on the outside top of the screen has the task to avoid the harmful agents outside and protect and touch screen display inside.
  • Touch phone LG Nexus 5X: Is the glass surface of the phone have the task of signaling and handling touch function of your phone.
  • Display (LCD) of the LG Nexus 5X: Is the section in the help display the image signal of the machine.

When the screen is strongly influenced by external factors, then depending on the circumstances and the level of impact lead to the case of malfunctioning different. And of course not any case also have to change the screen LG Nexus, 5X new because:

  • If the phone only the front glass is broken, cracked or reef, big parts and make other features remain active is normal, you just need to change a new glass for your phone is.
  • If your phone has more signs paralyzed touch a few points or list whole, disorder touch then you need to change more touch for phone.
  • Worst case, the screen appears the sign: is smearing ink is dark, black is fading, the screen appears status noise and reflective, appearance of stripes on the screen and the screen is dead, then you are required to change the screen LG new for mobile phone.


Phone LG Nexus 5X

What should prepare before going to change the screen LG Nexus 5X?

Currently on the market have quite a lot of repair shops, small retail, skilled weak, corrected according to the method, components not properly prepared can shield your Smartphone after some time the screen is peeling, error touch-screen display stain, yellow blur. Even can do damage to other parts of the phone. So before you go and change the phone screen, you need to pay attention to the following important:

  • Consider carefully the condition damage of your phone.

Under the strong impact of external forces can affect all other parts of the phone, so you need to check the entire phone and see what parts of the machine malfunctioning not.

If not, when brought in for repair, you are prone to a number of shops to defraud, made up the disease to hook the client’s money. Determining the level of damage of the screen is the basis for you to take out the remedy most appropriate. Clearly with the case slightly damaged you just replace the glass instead of have to change the screen LG Nexus 5X the set would be a waste.

  • Caution ago the trick of deceiving the customer of several repair shops.

For those stores do eat teen, strictly, a “capture shock”, it deceived customers in order to profit is inevitable. The trick of these stores is usually: the very cheap price to win customers, then depending on the customer object that conducts fraudulent manner.

They can take advantage of the ignorance of customers to invent more diseases for the mix of components of poor quality cheap for customer use. Worse, some stores dare blatant “boil” of the customer.

  • Find a repair center reputation.

Customers will feel safe when conducting replacement screen LG Nexus 5X in a repair center reputation. Here certainly will not have the trick of deceiving customers dirty as said above. Only elements dress transparent new help center reputable survive for long been on the market repair the phone competitive.

The repair machine in the prestigious center help improve the quality of repair and you don’t have to worry about the condition damaged after repair because these centers usually have mode care and warranty after repairs, very good. If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, you cannot ignore a repair address well-known hundreds of clients put trust every time your phone encounter the problem of error, malfunction, which is the China Mobile.

With long experience in the industry, phone repair, Audio Mobile confident can help clients screen replacement LG Nexus 5X in the best way.


Committed to serving clients instead of the phone screen in Chinese Mobile

When using the service, change the screen at the repair centre, the prestigious Elegant Mobile customers will get the value committed to the following:

  • Bar China Mobile committed to replace phone screen with the best price on TP.CITY.
  • To China Mobile customers are caring, thoughtful, enthusiastic service.
  • Our team of technicians and skilled equipment and modern machines, ensure the process of repair and replacement are place, safe and most accurate.
  • Customers will not have to take a lot of time waiting for replacement screen LG Nexus 5X for open Mobile always have a team of staff and understand the professional repair.
  • The process of replacing the screen place transparency, customers are directly monitoring all the work process of employees.
  • Parts replacement screen is guaranteed to be genuine, high quality because we control very closely the stage of selection of components.
  • After replacing the new screen, the client receives the warranty and special care only available at the Bar Moblie.

Sincerely, thank you for your attention follow up article screen replacement LG Nexus 5X of us!

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