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Unlock, remove, break the lock account Mi Cloud

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Price and warranty from 100,000 VND - 450,000 VND depending on the model, machine, and area. Please contact

Hotline Hồ Chí Minh 0909.650.650

Address: 1399 - 1401 đường 3 tháng 2, P.16, Quận 11, TP.HCM

Address: 122 Nguyễn Oanh, P.7, Quận Gò Vấp, TP.HCM (gần Cầu Vượt)

Address: 24 Trần Văn Kiểu, P. 10, Quận 6, TP.HCM

Address: 212 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, P. ĐaKao, Q.1, TP.HCM (Ngay Cầu Bông)

Address: 452 Lê Hồng Phong, P.1, Quận 10, TP.HCM (Ngã 3 Lê Hồng Phong - Vĩnh Viễn)

Call center advice 0909.650.650 (Only Vietnam, charges 1,000 VND / minute - cheaper than mobile calls)

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Service price Unlock, remove, break the lock account Mi Cloud

STT Services Expected price
1 Unlock account Mi Cloud 200,000 vnd to 800,000 vnd
What exactly do I need to pay how much money? Contact 0909.650.650


* Price and warranty from 100.000 vnd – 450,000 vnd depending on carrier, model, region. You are viewing prices in ho chi minh CITY (Select area otherHo Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Vung tau, Nghe An, Binh Duong, Ninh Binh)

Delete account Mi Cloud is to overcome the security layer is Xiaomi installed by default on the device of their own to enhance security for users.

However, sometimes you will encounter air condition, locked Mi Cloud leads to not be used. First we will go find out the reasons why the machine locked Mi Cloud.

Why has the gap price open lock Micloud between the model different?

Before the unlock account Mi Cloud is very simple. But things have become more difficult since when Xiaomi upgraded security and limit the intervention of the user on the operating system. So, the cost for services will vary depending on the life of your machine. Life machine the higher the security the higher the corresponding cost of breaking account Mi will also be high.

Therefore, you will see the price of unlocked Xiaomi Mi6 only 400,000, but for Xiaomi Mi8 price is 800,000 vnd.

Most of the life, the Xiaomi is at want to unlock Mi Cloud must buy account of Xiaomi to proceed with unlocking. Each time the purchase price account will be different.

In China, Mobile we support you on all stages to be able to unlock your account Mi Cloud in just a few hours.

In summary: the Cost for this service will vary according to plant life and in each moment. So, if you want to know the exact price of services for the Xiaomi phone her please, directly contact our hotline:

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650

Mi Cloud is what?

First we will together learn about the role of the Mi Cloud on the phone Xiaomi.

With Mi Cloud, you can access contacts, photos and files from the browser

Mi Cloud is a free cloud service pre-installed on the device by Xiaomi production. It allows you to sync and save your data such contacts, messages, media files on the cloud.

You can learn more about Mi Cloud and how to create an account Mi Cloud here.

Why my back got Mi Cloud

Case 1: Restore the original factory settings but forget information Mi Cloud

When you upgrade software or restore the original settings that the machine that has installed account Mi Cloud from ago, when booting the machine will ask to enter account Mi Cloud.

If you forget always account Mi what will happen. At this time the machine will constantly require you to enter a password.

Most of the cases this happens with the you are loved for the machine shop and they forget to not get account Mi Cloud or worse is that they no longer remember the password. Then if you restore the original settings or Uprom the machine will ask you to enter the correct ID and password Mi Cloud, the new user is next.

Case 2: Buy the Xiaomi old are hidden micloud

Similar to the first case. When you buy the Xiaomi old but do not check closely, you will not know that are hidden micloud.

Hidden micloud is condition ago ever forgotten micloud, then the previous user was unlocked by hidden micloud go and continued use. When you buy these machines and an upgrade operating systems or to restore the original settings, the machine will immediately asked to sign in with your account micloud old. And of course you don’t have an account there. So your computer will be disabled.

Case 3: Forget password unlock screen

Another case You Enjoy in the process use the forgot password unlock screen. After enter the wrong password, the drawing too many times the machine of the locked and requires a login email account used to sign up on the phone.

P/S: usually when you enter wrong screen lock password from 8 to 10 times the machine will be locked.

You follow the instructions on a forum about phones find how to remove password screen but forget not escape account Mi Cloud.

Therefore, after restoring the original settings, the Redmi Note 4 of you, he asked to enter account Mi Cloud. So what to do.

Normal account Mi Cloud just install it once and use so very many of you do not remember the password account Mi Cloud his.

There is much you do not know create account Mi Cloud has borrowed someone else’s account should also forget his password

Can you then ask someone else to create account Mi Cloud on your email yourself. But the time to retrieve my password I no longer remember what are email or password email what it is.

In all these cases, then delete the account Mi Cloud is the only way to use the machine normally.

To avoid not encounter this situation again. You take some time learn more: account Mi Cloud is what? and create yourself a new account.

Break account Mi Cloud there easy or not, it should be noted what?

For those with Xiaomi, depending on the plant life.

The machine running the operating system low then easy to break, as the operating system high make it more difficult to break.

Since Android 5.5.1 and above, Google also integrated features like iCloud of iPhone which is going to reclaim the old account. If we Up Rom or reset without properly.

There are machines that can break permanently, take the machine can not break permanent.

Assuming your machine is using is: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 use MediaTek chips, then simply flash back to the operating system

So break permanent is like? Break not permanent is like?

If a machine is kicked permanent account Mi Cloud, after this you restore the original settings comfortable, up the other rom, carefree without being asked back account Mi Cloud it’s like a new machine clean data completely.

The current open/break the Mi Cloud permanently

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 5
  • Xiaomi Mi5s
  • Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus
  • Xiaaomi Redmi 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3s
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3X
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4A
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prada
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4X
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime
  • Xiaomi Mi Max

The model was able to delete micloud

Updates months 01/2019

Bar China Mobile was able to Unlock the Bootloader and install the Rom English international Global take immediately (without waiting 30 days) for all the model Xiaomi below:

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)

2. Xiaomi Mi8, Mi8 SE, Mi8 EE

3. Xiaomi Mi Max 3

4. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S

5. Xiaomi Mi6, Mi6X

6. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

7. Xiaomi Mi Note 3

8. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Updates months 3/2019

We were able to unlock micloud permanently and install the rom English international for the machine after

1. Xiaomi S2

2. Xiaomi 4X

3. Xiaomi Mi 6

4. Redmi Note 6 Pro

5. Redmi Note 4X

6. Xiaomi Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite

Updates months 4/2019

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

2. Xiaomi Mi Max 2

3. Xiaomi Mi 5X

4. Xiaomi Mi A1 (MiA1)

5. Xiaomi Redmi 5A

6. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

8. Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 SE, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Lite

9. Xiaomi Redmi 6, Redmi 6A

10. Xiaomi Pocophone F1

11. Xiaomi Mi 4s

If the account Mi Cloud data have lost or not?

For those machines running older os, you can delete by restoring the original settings. However, data will be lost.

The delete account Mi Cloud means that your pc will be delete the entire data including the default settings of the manufacturer.

So if you are disturbed for fear of your data lost, then the answer is that your data will be lost when deleting the account Mi Cloud.

If you have the important data in the machine, then let’s find another solution.

Contact switchboard: 0909.650.650 (only 1,000 vnd / minute). Or 0909.650.650

Services, explore, delete account Mi Cloud of the China Mobile nothing special

Service break the lock account Xiaomi of China Mobile has the following benefits:

  • Once you delete your account then all features ordinary user.
  • Install English full.
  • Have CH Play to you download the app comfortable.
  • Not have any limits with the machine.

A number of special cases

Xiaomi Mi 5 at the time of the December 7, 2017 can’t permanently delete an account Xiaomi because it’s locked according to the number of SL on the CPU, so that we will disable the account Xiaomi on the device means that you can not use the services of Mi Cloud, however, you can use all the features are back to normal. User a is stable, no matter what.

Only thing those machines stick account Mi Cloud, then, after hiding like this then don’t use the account Xiaomi is again. Rest all functions are OK before.

Current Bar Mobile has the solution break permanent account Mi Cloud on the machine running MIUI latest is 9.1 with pros account login Mi Cloud new carefree, fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor ok before.

For Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X running chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, then deleting account login new and not faulty sensor. This solution allows to fix all the xiaomi redmi note 4X has had an account that has not thoroughly not log in the account and the faulty fingerprint sensor, rotation sensor, sensors referred to.

Should to Audio Mobile to unlock Micloud not?

If you are looking for service opening, break the lock account Mi Cloud, then open Mobile is a reliable address for your reference.

After a year of deployment services we had:

  1. Consulting for over 500 clients
  2. Unlock success for more than 200 customers in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi
  3. Repair services, Xiaomi is rated 5* for the quality of service

We have the technicians with rich experience on Android software can help you unlock Mi Cloud of the Xiaomi phone quickly with the cheapest price.